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Its a bit late to ask but what do you think of the new ranking system

Its okish 44.6% (59)
its really rubbish 33.3% (44)
Its amazingly good 21.9% (29)
Total: 132
Start: 12-07-2008 05:54
Last: 12-15-2008 08:33

 #1 - Posted by: Cheezmasta (Member) on 12-07-2008 at 09:32

i chose not to play ranked matches so I was only lieutenant grade 4, almost always getting partnered with brigadiers and generals, and sometimes with recruits and privates in the same match. recruit vs general isn't too fair if you ask me. that's why I stopped playing matchmaking soon after the update came out.

 #2 - Posted by: Nazoa (Member) on 12-09-2008 at 15:59

Rubbish to the core, it basically enables generals to go against people that have played the game for a couple minutes, I hate it, though, it's not like they hurt the previous ranking system, the skill levels were, and still are insanely retarded, I went into Doubles with a friend, I was a lvl 30, he was a 1, I only played with him, and vice versa, he is now above 40, and me? I'm a 34.

 #3 - Posted by: Protectors (Member) on 12-12-2008 at 07:30

What ranking system? I have been away for some time and need a bit update...

 #4 - Posted by: echoranger449 (Member) on 12-15-2008 at 07:56

Being able to form a party of all-generals to fight against other players may sound fun in an RPG, but when it comes to Halo, it sucks. I play outside of a party usually and I get teamed against these parties of brigadiers and generals, mostly people who play the game as their reason for living. Somehow I have to find a way to have fun anyways. This isn't the only issue with their ranking system, but I'd like to talk about some other issues I'd like to see fixed. Back to the example of the five-star general parties. Being teabagged by a team of generals while fighting all alone (your team mates all quit) is not fun, especially when they think they're better than you for going all-vs-one. Then of course, there's the constant insults with every cuss word they've learned in school, and beyond. It's the kind of attitude you see people get locked up for. Why? Because they can. They think that just because no one is going to come after then in real life, they act in such ways that would get anyone under normal circumstances shot. If you've managed to be on the same team as their party, things fair slightly better, but not much. They'll pick on you with insults about how incompetent and useless you are since you cannot keep up. Of course they'll fill their lack of understanding of the English language with cussing. They may even start betraying you just because they can, without getting kicked. Yes that's happened to me; maybe they know the rules of kicking that I still can't get after several months of playing. Anyways, if that wasn't all, you better have a voice they like or they'll assault you for that too, regardless if you're on their team or not. This is a game that I really enjoy. I just wish Bungie adjusted their system so they could separate the win-to-gain-imaginary-status (no life gamers), recreational, and professional gamers from each other. Give the first group a cool title like "l33t gamerz", something their epic phail minds will crave. Yes, of course, I know they're idiots, but when you're holding back your anger just to try to have fun, Halo becomes useless. I like Halo. Halo is fun. Bungie needs to make it more fun by separating the kinds of people who play the game for the right reasons from the people who insist on playing it for the wrong ones.

 #5 - #4 - Posted by: IKS_Yo_Mama (Staff) on 12-15-2008 at 08:56

And thats the reason why these people will never be socialable in real life, they'll be loosers in real life. You may be the most ranked player in Halo but in real life that doesn't matter squat. All the reasons you stated are the reasons why I love playing against these people, I usually focus on killing one "General" when facing a group of them..IF you get hits on him/her you can be guaranteed that it affects them because as you pointed out xbox live is their life. You will loose but you'll take one or two of them down with you. I laugh everytime I play Xbox live when I come up against these guys, just take no notice, slag the fact that they are "generals" because they play the game to death rather than skill it does get to them. personally I only ever feel comfortable when I'm outnumbered not because I'm any good but rather its how I like to fight.

 #6 - For and against the ranking system - A morpheus point of view. - Posted by: morpheus100 (Staff) on 12-15-2008 at 12:02

Hmm I agree to a certain extent the whole general matching thing is a pain being only a major grade 2 (Say anything and I'll borrow bungies ban hammer :P) I get matched up with some of the higher ranked people in the game which is sometimes a pain. However in my experience I've noticed that the higher ranked players are sometimes not as good as the middle class (captains to majors) as those ranks tend to work harder for xp whereas the higher ranks don't. I've had many games in which I was with captains and won against commanders and higher. I guess it all depends on how the persons playing that day it takes me a few games to get back into halo as I go months sometimes without touching halo 3. Then again it could just be that halo's ranking system is mostly time over skill rather than skill over time and the players who dedicate large sections of there life to halo will rise faster than those who are really good really fast. At the end of the day. Bungie have an awesome way to keep people playing (genius if only we at halo files could figure out there secret so we could get people to post more HINT HINT community :P) even if some of us consider the players who keep playing "sad" Then again, we are talking in a halo themed filefront website on a wild thing called the "Internet" so are we really qualified to judge these xbox crazied individuals? I think not :P

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