Xbox 360 price announced!

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The xbox 360's price has been announced! The system will come in 2 variations, the "Xbox 360 core system" and the "xbox 360" the "core system" will retail for $299 without a hard drive. The accessory set for the core system will be: Xbox 360 Core System - $299 (299 Euros, 209 GBP) •Xbox 360 console •Wired controller •Detachable faceplate •Xbox Live Silver membership •Standard AV cables The xbox 360 is the hopped up version with HDTV cables and a 20gb detachable HD along with a buch of other stuff that is useful. The system will retail for $399. The xbox 360 will have: Xbox 360 - $399 (399 Euros, 279 GBP) •Xbox 360 console •20GB detachable hard drive •Wireless controller •Wireless Xbox Live headset •High-definition AV cables •Ethernet cable •Xbox 360 Media Remote Control (limited time) •Detachable faceplate •Xbox Live Silver membership You can also buy a mryiad of acessories incuding routers, a hard drive and many other items. Here is the list with price: • Faceplate ($19.99, 19.99 Euros, 14.99 GBP) • Hard Drive (20 GB) ($99.99, 99.99 Euros, 69.99 GBP) • Memory Unit (64 MB) ($39.99, 34.99 Euros, 22.99 GBP) • Wireless Networking Adapter ($99.99, 79.99 Euros, 59.99 GBP) • Wireless Controller ($49.99, 44.99 Euros, 32.99 GBP) • Play and Charge Kit ($19.99, 19.99 Euros, 14.99 GBP) • Rechargeable Battery Pack ($11.99, 14.99 Euros, 9.99 GBP) • Controller ($39.99, 34.99 Euros, 24.99 GBP) • Headset ($19.99, 19.99 Euros, 14.99 GBP) • Universal Media Remote ($29.99, 29.99 Euros, 19.99 GBP) • Component HD AV Cable ($39.99, 29.99 Euros, 19.99 GBP) • S-Video AV Cable (US) ($29.99) • SCART AV Cable (Europe) (24.99 Euros, 17.99 GBP) • VGA HD AV Cable ($39.99, 29.99 Euros, 19.99 GBP) Hopefully Microsoft will announce the relese date whihc should be around this holiday season at the Tokyo Game Show, which begins September 16. You will need a hard drive to have backwards compatably with all of your xbox games. The question is, will you get the core system or the full system. This is in our weekly poll
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