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Modifications Halo Trainer

This is an awesome trainer it is a 11+ trainer! Only for hosting.


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Modifications Enhanced Weapons Mod Multiplayer Gephyrophobia

Download the modded map Gephyrophobia. With all the listed modifications except for the plasma rifle mod.


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Modifications Halo Trial Sonic Mod

This is for Halo Trial. U play as sonic and ur marines are sonic.


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Modifications cliff mod FOR HALO TRIAL MAC BY xDDD

snipers shoot plasmas pistols shoot sniper bulletsassault rifle shoots fast needlestank and banshee have reduced chamber time so they fire f...


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Modifications Halo mod Halo 3 For Trial V1.3

This version should work. Multiplayer should be friendly and the game shouldnt crash. I doubt there will be any additional update. We will s...


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Modifications Halo Reach for Trial

A self contained bitmap and sound mod for Halo Trial.


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Modifications H2 Elite Campaign Halo level 2 V3

MOD by Iceelite


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Modifications Remote Control 1.0 Server Client

Remote Control 1.0 client for gandanur ( goemitar ) servers.Have tutorial video, if you can't play video,download the Gom Player.


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Modifications Covenant side of the war - The Pillar of autumn

--STORYLINE-- After escaping a glassed planet, a covenant ship gets boarded and invaded by the UNSC. 'Lillo', the bravest and strongest grun...


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Modifications Halo: Combat Evolved Mod - Projectiles v0.35

This mod only works with the PC retail version of Halo.


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Modifications Halo: Combat Evolved Mod - Firefight Descent (Full)

The year is 2552. Delta Halo has recently been discovered by the crew members of the In Amber Clad. You are a new breed of Helljumper. Speci...


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Modifications Halo: Combat Evolved Mod - Project Lumoria (Full)

Nestled amongst the planet's varying terrain lie architecture left behind by a once seemingly all-powerful race known as the Forerunners. Bu...