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Halo CE Mods Halo CE Camera Flyer

This is an app used for Halo CE (not Halo PC, but CE). It is a camera application that allows the user to create camera-tracks and play them...


Halo CE Mods Halo CE Camera Flyer

Remember this? Well this is a better version. Basically this enabl...


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Halo CE Mods Saberpit v2

it's very, small, but it has lightsabers in it. And lightsabers are cool. There is apparently a Star Wars-esqe blaster in here aswell, but I...


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Halo CE Mods SeanTheLawn's Armor Lock Tags/Maps

affect is there, and it works without any problems, as well as the sound effect.I wasn't fully able to test it's effectiveness on the server...


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Halo CE Mods Halo Dev Controls

rcon, and some work with keyboard shortcuts.For a full list of commands and their description, click on (on the app)"Extras" -> "Dev Command...


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Halo CE Mods Halo Map Scripted Objects

from halo ce's object_create function, which work in both games.Notes and source code are provided showing were these functions reside and h...


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Halo CE Mods Apocalypse Alpha

hopefully much larger, and much more polished mod. The demo itself is functional to a point, but there are some pretty major issues, most no...


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Maps Schwinnzo

A fun map but not textured very well yet, because its alpha. Great map to try if you are interested in Halo CE.


Maps Cliff Hanger

Circluar map made for CTF. Cool little map but missing alot of textures.


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Maps Elite Mass Death

Small map, but incredibly cool. I ope you have a good video card.


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Maps Evolved

Cool little map, good for slayer games.


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Maps High End Devolved

Same type of map is evolved but its got different objects. Good for slayer.


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Maps Cover Canyon

Really big map of open grass land. Its real fun.


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Maps Jump

Really small map, covenant style room. Great fun for 2-6 players.


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Maps Misty Lagoon

Small map with harthogs and ghosts. Weird master chief right in the middle of the map :-\


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Maps Tutorial

Really fun map for multiplayer.


Maps Halo CE 10 Map Pack

Includes 10 new maps for Halo CE -Tutorial -Misty Lagoon -Jump -Cover Canyon -High End Devolved -Evolved -Elite Mass Death -Cliff Ha...


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Maps Cliff Hanger Leaked

The leaked version of this map. Great new detailed map.


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Maps Casualty Gorge Final

Small map but very fun and looks almost professional.


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Maps Jump Final

Small map, good for 2-6 players. Added final textures.


Maps HaloBall

Cool new game type for Halo. Its similar to soccer, but with a warthog!


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Maps Lame

Cool multicolored map with a volcano right in the middle. Small and fun.


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Maps Oil Isle

Not a bad concept. Its not the greatest map, but its still in Alpha stage. Not bad multiplayer either.


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Maps Night Camp

I found this map incredibly fun for some reason. There is no other map like it. Made by SomeRhino.