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Maps Guilty MP

A small map from the exterior of 343 guilty spark


Maps Hogjuitsu

This massive structure was once used as a UNSC training facility in the newer days of Halo. Marines could skydive, learn the tatics of their...


Maps Warthog Run

Ok, so everyone whos played Halo knows about the last level when the Master Chief is trying to get off the Pillar of Autumn, right? Well th...


Maps Maverick

The outdoors of this map is like the second level 'Halo', its rectangular with Warthogs. Enjoy!


Maps Oracle

This is like the level 343 Guilty Spark, except for Halo CE, except its only part of the level with the Light Bridges. Good battles are ensu...


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Maps Equinox

This is a conversion of the level "Halo"(a30) into a Halo CE multiplayer level


Maps Drag

This map is a long stretch of road perfect for drags in both warthogs and ghosts. Although the graphics of the map aren't the best it is st...


Maps Grunt Attack

Here it is, Grunt Attack 2! Obviously, this is the sequel to Grunt Attack, my popular CE mod. It has been well updated, with lots of new cha...


Maps Orion

Notes: This is my first released map. The map could've been better, but all versions I tried to compile after this version I came up with...


Maps Big Canyon 3

A large canyon where the UNSC sends Marines that went crazy from the battles on Halo. There are many vehicles on this map, including: Lambo...


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Maps Cityscape Classic

This is a straightforward map. It is your large urban map with roads, buildings, and all the things you would find in a 26th century city....


Maps Grunt Attack

Red and Blue AI grunts against each other on Blood Gulch, armed with Needlers and are hungry for the blood of the other team! Watch them bat...


Maps Firescythe

Firescyth is a map I've played on for some time but never added to Halofiles. A lot of people say its a bad map that's poorly designed. Bu...


Maps Trench

A large canyon with many AI's and a maze to top it all off. Check it out!


Maps Bussacap

Bussacap is a city style map with some awesome new weapons and vehicles, these are: M16 M14 M4-carbine Colt 1911 Ak-47 M60 Belt - Fed...


Maps Sniper's Bluff

This map is an AWESOME CTF course!! Including all the weapons from Bussacap and more. This is the 2nd map from this author, and by the looks...


Maps Mezmoriced

This is a map that is a big maze. There are no vehicles, or weapons on map. You get what you start with, so use it wisely.


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Maps Great War Hopeless Battle

Great War Hopeless Battle is a map designed for co-op play. You, and friend play through this level with a handfull of marines on foot and i...


Maps Oblivion

A reasonably large twisting chasm cut from the rock face with tunnels and passageways.


Maps Prime C3

NOTE: This is not the final version of the map; this may contain unknown and known bugs that still have to be worked out in future releases....


Maps Infestation Canyon

It is danger canyon taken over by flood infection forms, combat human forms and rocks. There are serious lag issues in the middle of the map...


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Maps Teletubbies

A desert map with elevated platforms, and instead of Marines, you get to play as Teletubbies! How fun!


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Maps Vendetta

A mountain stream cuts a deep gorge passageway between two bases. Both bases have different capture points and advantages


Maps Red Feather Ranch

Red Feather Ranch - A UNSC combat training site found deep in the Colorado mountains.