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Maps Training Jump

A map that is for you to practice different types of jumps to reach your destination on this map.


Maps Grove CE Map

"Grove is set in the lush canyons of Halo, among long-abandoned Forerunner structures. The red side features high cliffs and a winding path...


Maps Craterpit Final

Same as crater pit, but now works for all gametypes and has teleporters and more equipment.


Maps Pacman

This is a giant maze if you will, ala Pacman. This would be awesome for 1v1 races, cant wait to try it out. Good job ;)


Maps Desertpain

This map has modded vehicels,80 bots, and of course a red scareb weapon. 20 of the bots have this weapon though so watch out! The only r...


Maps Grove Final

In the lush canyons on Halo, a battle takes place among the long abandoned Forerunner structures.


Maps {ADD} Tutorial

A foresty map with...an exploding Coka Cola can! *this map is a tutuorial map*


Maps Meh

Ever wanted to have a firefight in your living room or kitchen? Well now you can! By downloading this map, you will be able to engage the en...


Maps Spartan Training Grounds

Backstory: This crudely built facilaty was built on a human colony planet in the year 2531 (Milatary Calender) when the spartans where 20 ye...


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Maps Madness Part 1

This map is designed more like a singleplayer level than a multiplayer level - find your way through the map and fight AI bots.


Maps Crematoria

Ctf and Slayer spawn points all in base. Very big and awesome map.


Maps Lookout

Dont Look Down!! Battle atop an old Forerunner mining facility on Halo's tallest mountain with weapons like the flamethrower, sniper, an...


Maps Snow Storm Classic

A Classic Halo, U-Shaped canyon with forerunner bases built into the snow frozen cliffs. Supports most gametypes.


Maps Falujah

A map that takes place in ultra modern day Iraq, with the U Shaped Covenent dropships and other vehciles of both UNSC and Covenent orgin.


Maps Badlander Beta

A medium gulch size map designed of all types of game play. The right balance for CTF, Roads for race, Sniper towers and sniper positions fo...


Maps Epsilon CE Map

A medium sized map featuring two bases on opposing sides of a canyon connected on two levels by bridges. Its an excellent map for CTF or sla...


Maps Head Water CE Map

A remote pumping station built by the forerunners used to keep Halo's water moving. It's located at the top towering cliffs. The cliff is...


Maps Robot Creek

This is a rather unusual mod you don't see everyday. The creator put 2 "towers" of bots in beaver creek that shoot at each other. But tha...


Maps Tank V Banshee

This is another Bloodgulch modification. Personally I'm not to fond of these, though this one actually servers a usefull purpose. Ech team...


Maps Mystic CE Map

Deep within an impenetrable valley covered by coagulated pinelands lays two secret shrines of the forest hidden by a dense layer of mist. Pa...


Maps Snowtorn Cave CE Map

Winter sets in the canyons near a wartorn cove. Snowtorn Cove is the snow-themed variant of the Wartorn Cove series of maps. This map has...


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Maps CSV2

A large city scape with a central landing pad for the included Pelican transport i have yet to try it out, but it looks awesome! -Slin...


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Maps Booty Butt 2

a Blood Gulch variant. but it doesn't replace your Halo CE Blood Gulch map file. It is littered with AI, and some other things. The weapons...


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Maps Uppercut

A large empty square canyon with a base in one corner. It seems kinda like hotzone, so I think it may be promising. -Slinger