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Maps Dark Football

Another evolved similar map. Not much to say but many laser and some cool object added.


Maps City

Its not a very well textured map thats supposed to look like a city. However once you get by that it is very fun.


Maps Chaos

A really big map great for 16 players. You'll love sniping and rocketing on this map.


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Maps Death Basin

One of my favs, its very big and has plenty of sniping spots!


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Maps DM7Fear

Another map made for big battles. Plentty of vehicles too.


Maps Dub

Pretty big map with enough vehicles to keep you entertained.


Maps Faith

The map is a giant pistol fight frenzy, a big tower is placed in the middle for sniping or zoomed pistols.


Maps Frost

A winter set map covered in hiding spots.


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Maps Ground Base

Its meant to be a Base in the middle of space, its small and good for up to 8 people.


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Maps Hillside

Really small, its only good for up to 4 people.


Maps Hog World Prerelease

Its meant for racing Hogs but hard to catch on to.


Maps Ice World

Its based on the Counter Strike Level Ice World, its good for people that hate camping.


Maps Inferno

Not a very exciting map. Its is just a mountain with a road situated around it.


Maps Integrity

Its a great clan map for big battles.


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Maps Jelly Stone

Medium sized map with a forest setting.


Maps Kerplunk

Very weird map that I still can't understand.


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Maps Locus

A medium sized map with pretty bad texturing.


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Maps Mad Scientist

Very weird map with interesting shapes and colors spinning everywhere.


Maps Meat Locker

Its a great map for sniping and pistol kills. Campers beware that it will keep you playing.


Maps Moon

Its a moon setting obviously with all of the craters and stars to fill in the effect.


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Maps Mountain Island

Mountain Island is a medium sized map centered around a mountain covered in plasma weapons.


Maps AotCR

Gigantic coveneant based map perfect for clans.


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Maps Mt Dementia

Yet another map centered around a mountain but this time it is alot larger and made for vehicles.


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Maps One Sided

One Sided is a green hill surrounded my a road way for vehicles and base running.