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Maps Open

Fairly small map for its style and in the open. Its a pistol or sniper map.


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Maps Preachers Hill

Preachers Hill is a very well designed map for doing anything from driving to sniping. One of my favorite maps.


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Maps Promenade

Very unique map with a town in the middle where the two bases meet.


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Maps Quickest

Really small map only good for 1-3 people. You may be able to squeeze 4 but it would be a kill fest.


Maps Rocky

There are really not that many rocks in the map, just a bunch of jagged objects. However with a bit of grass it might be a great map.


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Maps Signs

Signs is a map centered are a flat topped hill. Its fairly small but really fun.


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Maps Snake Canyon

Pretty cool map, good for clan matches.


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Maps Sniper Canyon

Sniper Canyon is one of my favorite maps, it has plenty of room for sniping and plenty or room for close range fighting.


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Maps Space XL

A base in the middle of space that is fairly small but powers a great fight.


Maps Splinter

Incredibly small map with an open forest setting. Only good for about 4 people.


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Maps t3h 1337

t3h 1337 is one of the most creative maps out there. You have to see it for yourself.


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Maps Torus

Torus is a very big map and is a cool fight trying to see who is enemy and who is not.


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Maps Towers

Towers is a map for snipers and rushers. Only skilled teams can work this one out.


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Maps Tube

Its tube that you drive the hog around in.


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Maps Twister Canyon

Pretty cool map with different levels and a weird forest variation through out the map.


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Maps Warthog Explorer

Really dark map with fire and plasma to light the way to a warthog. Once you get one you can light your path with the head lights and start...


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Maps Warthog Rally

Its a Warthog race track with tons of different "Riced Out" hogs and a new weapons system!


Maps Halcyon

The map is set in a covenant ship and the 2 teams have to chooce which side to attack.


Maps Halo HQ

Halo HQ is set i9n a forest where the teams have a building to fire from and plenty of hiding spots.


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Maps Sky Twins

Sky Twins is an amzing map. It has 2 bases on each side of a space island. The 2 bases are connected by a bridge. It has great textures on t...


Maps Abyss

Abyss is a giant map centered around a lake which has eroded a large area of land.


Maps Assault Valley

Good concept but the textures for grass are pretty bad. I am looking forward to future releases of this map.


Maps Coliseum

Coliseum is a very small map where you are pitted with other player without bullets and a pistol. The point is to pistol whip everyone.


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Maps Covanant Canyon

Its a big box situated around a battlefield with hills and covenant weapons and vehicles.