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Maps Covenant Courtyard

Covenant Courtyard is a fairly small map with a great sniing position.


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Maps DJW-Delta Station

Delta Station is another space situated map with 2 garrisoned towers on each base.


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Maps Foreground

Foreground is a huge map with lots of vehicles and explosives.


Maps Hog Brawl

Hog brawl is a trenched area with 2 teams of hogs facing each other.


Maps Hourglass

Hourglass is a medium sized map situated around a hill.


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Maps Long Run

Long run is a wide map with lots of fire and plasma.


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Maps Loop

Its a medium sized map with a pole in the middle and a tube surrounding it.


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Maps Osiris

Osiris is a map that looks like it is egyptian, unfortunatly there is no sand.


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Maps Pergitory

Pergitory is a map centered around a grassy hill and has 2 bases on either corner.


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Maps Temple

Temple is a medium sized map set in a temple. Texturing is a bit off though.


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Maps Not Alone...

The map takes palce after the destruction of Halo. It is medium sized and has a new gun added in.


Maps New Mombasa - Classic

New Mombasa - Classic has finally been released. This is just the map; it does not have the Halo 2 mod in it, but it is still one of the be...


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Maps HighLow

An excellent medium sized map. Cool teleporters and architecture; great for sniping.


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Maps Wartorn Cove

A large map with a Far Cry feel. This map even gives New Mombasa a run for its money. This is another must download.


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Maps Sniper Training

A fun little map that lets you snipe out BOTS. Great for practice.


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Maps Icetigaurus Beta

A map with Halo 2 vehicles and weapons. Located on a Covenant Cruiser, this is a fun map to hold you out until New Mombasa with the Halo 2...


Maps BroadSword

A very well done map located in space. Great texturing and architecture; a good map for CTF.


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Maps Decoy

Great map similar to Infinity. This level has modded weapons which make it more fun.


Maps Halo HQ - Final

A professionally done map with new weapons and vehicles. This is a great all-around map. It even has a race track with modded Warthogs. D...


Maps Blizzard

I have not played this map yet, but it looks like a small version of Sidewinder. This map looks very promising though.


Maps Streets of Earth City

A Halo 2 style map, this level contains new weapons, a pilotable Pelican and Bumblebee, and a Gravity Gun. This is a fun map that will keep...


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Maps Victory Island

An excellent map that is just as good as Death Island, if not better.


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Maps Oceans Apart

One word: Jetpack!!! This is by the same maker of Halo HQ, so you know it will be great.


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Maps Orbital Defense Station

A maze-like map. No vehicles, but fun for most gametypes.