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Maps Ndugu

A snowboarding map based on an old SSX map. This is a really fun map to play on, especially since you can perform tricks. It also has new...


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Maps Needleosity

It's exactly what the name says. Modded Needlers everywhere. Great map that has other modded weapons in it. This is a very fun map. Dow...


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Maps Pyramid

It's Hang 'em High with a hint of Egypt. Supports vehicles and is very fun to play on.


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Maps Lost Cove

Download it. You'll see why.


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Maps Island Hop

New weapons, vehicles and plenty of easter eggs in this one. Also contains working boats. Great map. A must for any Halo gamer.


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Maps War fo the Helots

I loved this map. I thought it was very un to mess around in and get to secret areas, but it is a very well done map.


Maps Castle 2 Castle

This is a hot new map with battle axes, swords, and crossbows. Tottaly original.


Maps bridge of illusion

This level is intended for game simplicity while remaining mutually gratifying. It is best played with the Halo game types CTF and Slayer mo...


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Maps Lost Cave

Lost Cove is a medium-sized map with a beach along one side, and cliffs surrounding the rest of the level. The bases are tucked away in the...


Maps Entropy

The first map made by Arteen. Really impressive work. This map contains the gravity rifle and an all new weapon. You should also try to look...


Maps Warton Cave

This map features wonderful yellow/orange sand and mountains combined with open areas and a huge bridge. Wonderful map made by Schwinnz.


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Maps Fissure Falls

Water-falls seems to be popular right now and this maps isn't late to have one in it. Just the scenery of this map makes my eyes tear of ha...


Maps HaloFiles.com Map Pack 1

This is map pack of some of HaloFiles.com's most popular maps for Halo CE. This map pack includes the maps: Blood Gulch 2, New_Mombasa_Clas...


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Maps Sola Scriptura

Based from the kick ass Pillar of Autumn Level, is a Halo CE Map that you'll have loads of fun with.


Maps Above and below

Here's a nice map for you guys. Go download it right away!


Maps Bang 'em High

This is mediumsized map. Very well put together and it has for example a few weapons changements. Guess this one is worth to download!


Maps Halo 2 Colaguation

Here is a meticlous remake of halo 2's Colaguation multiplayer map. The map team have worked on this for about 8 months, using all of bungie...


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Maps Paridse

Here is a nice map with a ton of reflective surfaces. The map is small so it promotes close combat and melee fighting. This map has some of...


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Maps Dualing Keeps

Dualing Keeps is a recently relesed map for Halo Ce. It it made CTF, slayer, and oddball with its small indoor settting. I do not have an im...


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Maps ColdRush

Cold rush is a map set inside a canyon where they elminated the flood in there area. The vehicles can be destroyed, which makes keeping your...


Maps CMT_Fragment MP CE Map

Another CMT MP CE map part of their 1st MP map pack release. This map was also one of the ones available to beta for the public. It features...


Maps Cliffhanger Final

Set at the top of a mountain with the two bases on opposing sides with a deep crater between them feed by a waterfall and stream.


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Maps Area 53

Area 53 is a multiplayer map with some aspects of single player maps. These include walking dinosuars and killer gaurdians. A good map for 1...


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Maps H2 Warlock

This is a meticlous remake of the Halo 2 map "Warlock". All the parts of the map were recreated for Halo ce by the team. This is great map...