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Maps Big Canyon

This is our 500th file on Halo files. This map consists of a series of deep canyons crossing the map in various directions. This is an u...


Maps Fudge

This is a map with 50 hard-to-kill bots. There is a long silver tunnel with the 50 bots. Only supports the Slayer gametype.


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Maps Sonic Mario beta

This map takes weapons from the megaman, sonic, mario, and other game universes and combines them into a good map. This map is still being w...


Maps Shellshock Alpha

This is a large map with lots of hills. There are some helicopters in the level, along with the regular vehciles like the Warthog. Instead o...


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Maps Sonic Mario beta

This the same Sonic Mario v7 map, but this one adds bot support. The map's description can be read [url="http://halo2.filefront.com/file/S...


Maps Tall Mountains

An odd map that reminds me of a cross between Timberland and the SP campaign level Halo. It lags a little bit but is otherwise stable.


Maps Origin of Chaos

This is a map with some caves and such, but instead of the Master Cheif, it features Shadow the Headegehog. If only FileTrekker were he...


Maps Jungle Raid Night

This is a map with original Halo vehicles. It's at night and kind of looks like a Halloween type map.


Maps Ceaseless

Deep under the massive structures of halo, and battles on the surface, this forerunner generator powers one of the many energy


Maps Helix Canyon

This is a map with the shape of a helix. It is a Forerunner canyon where many battles take place. All original Halo vehicles. A fun map. Lot...


Maps Shockwave

Shockwave: On the UNSC ship 'Horizon' a small research vessel is released to observer odd anomalies from a sector of an odd floating stru...


Maps Denial

Denial: UNSC Forces found a small place of worship on a far planet, the creators of this place are unknown. Now the UNSC use it as a testi...


Maps Cel Blood Gulch

I do not know if and of you remember the late moder Xavier, but he before he died he had worked on a cel-shading mod for Halo PC. This is hi...


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Maps Casualty Isle

This map is for fans of the level "The Silent Cartographer" in Halo. This map resembles Death Island, but is smaller in size. This is a good...


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Maps Erosion

This is an excellent map that contains 2 of the most wanted vehicles that were eliminated from Halo 2. The 2 vehicles are the Mongoose, the...


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Maps Separated

Ok, well, here's the public gamma of Separated, my current project that will be done soon. The map features the Draco, which is what I lik...


Maps Portent

This is possibly THE best map for CE that I've played since Coldsnap. The scale and detail of this map is amazing. I don't think any review...


Maps Desolate

Desolate: An island, alone, in the gloomiest place on halo, what its purpose is, is unknown, yet it seems to have an odd look and design t...


Maps Defy

Defy: Deep in the swamps of halo, this place is littered with UNSC and Covenant aircrafts.


Maps Deceit

Deceit: An underground forerunner temple, with century’s of worship this place has now turned into a violent battle ground


Maps ATV Offroad Fury Track

Awesome race track with quads/ATV for use. Would be awesome for a 8 man game.


Maps Condemed

This is a indoor map. It contains 4 rooms. 2 bases, 1 center, and 1 upstairs room.


Maps Convoluted Complex

This is basically an indoor map with 3 rooms - 2 bases, and a center. I teleporters in order to go across room to room


Maps Excrenation

Two winding circular bases,little is known about this place besides that is lies somewhere in the outter rings of halo.