Halo: Combat Evolved
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All Files In This Category
Name Rating Developer Filesize Downloads
Jackle's Modding Guide Jackle 16KB 308
The Last Spartans EchoRanger 6.29MB 3,112
Jackle's Modding Guide Jackle 24KB 496
Jackle's Modding Guide Jackle 36KB 248
Jackle's Modding Guide Jackle 49KB 972
Custom Gametypes ImBrokeAreU 51KB 2,053
Jackle's Modding Guide Jackle 42KB 576
Svalen Action Zoxin0 5.38MB 68
Shadow's Assult Rifle beta 0.3 Shadow 43289 13.6MB 1,427
Pelican Wars 1.0 Balzich14 7.66MB 5,162
Jackle's Modded Island Jackle 5.99MB 1,015
Lunging Energy Swords Guest 8.62MB 7,183
Snipe War Gulch Guest 7.18MB 511
Ifafudafi's Gulch Rebalance Mr. Ifafudafi 5.36MB 209
Wallgulch Eragonx 10.86MB 451
Messed up Cloudwolf 4.09MB 120
Needles Galore Nightshade 4.76MB 226
Crazy Bases on Bloodgulch The Flaming Goat 5.71MB 660
Messed up Cloudwolf 4.09MB 165
Homing projectiles mod Eragonx 10.86MB 461
Crazy Base mod pie37 4.09MB 437
Weapon mod pie37 4.09MB 1,682
Crazy Base mod pie37 4.09MB 905
Halo Tactical Sidewinder prototype_z 5.8MB 429
Riad prototype_z 5.57MB 148
PB Saturation CartoMod 8.18MB 2,833
Bloodgun AdmTalon 5.59MB 438
Allied Races TaR jpb1719 22.6MB 422
Warthogs WussKicker 5.5MB 196
Flying Warthogs Iron Arab 6.95MB 1,125
Best mod ever AxE_Ranger 5.39MB 1,377
Anti noob Iron Arab 5.44MB 309
Pelican in Bloodgulch Iron Arab 5.96MB 4,745
Pelican in Death Island Iron Arab 7.91MB 2,811
Unnamed mod Jackle and Mr. Ifafadufi 5.64MB 271
Twin Fires Flounder3345 9.1MB 201
Allied Races Halo jpb1719 16.96MB 446
Plasma Bloodgulch Guest 5.39MB 2,841
Svalen Action Zoxin0 5.32MB 255
Cryophobia echoranger449 15.88MB 834
MA5C Assault Rifle Jackle 1.36MB 355
The Real Blood Gulch Guest 7.16MB 498
Svalen Gulch Zoxin0 5.75MB 134
Modern Realistic Weapons Gulch __HHS__Monkey 13.7MB 300
MA5C Assault Rifle Jackle 360KB 1,148
Modern Realistic Weapons Danger Canyon __HHS__Monkey 14.88MB 193
Flying needles SOTDleader 5.71MB 428
Tyrant's Mod Tyrant01 5.93MB 109
Doompig444's Assault Rifle doompig444 1.35MB 335
Tyrants Mod v2 Tyrant01 6.4MB 148