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Map Mods AotCR

OK I believe all the problems are fixed now - Version 1.3 is up now, so please replace your existing maps with the new version. Sorry for al...


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Map Mods 3 Wheel Warthog

IIts a new version of the Warthog. Use the Modding Guide Here http://halo2.filefront.com/info/modding And Install it to your BloodGul...


Map Mods Multiplayer Library

Turn you Library single player map into multiplayer!


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Map Mods Casualty Gorge

The first map made from scratch for Halo CE. A bit small, however very unique.


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Map Mods Fun House

Over 90 Teleporters hidden (some not) throughout bloodgulch. 2 Gun Turret areas, one for each base (teleporter on the base). Sniper Le...


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Map Mods SC Elite Battles

This lets you play as an Elite, which is searching for the secrets of Halo as wel, just like Master Chief. Marines have captured some of th...


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Map Mods Blood Gulch Mod

Yet another mod for bloodgulch, this one promises fun... Multiple projectiles from certain weapons such as the rocket launcher and fuel rod...


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Map Mods Asteroid

A large map that takes place in an asteroid field. The map ranges form small to large at different points


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Map Mods Floodgulch

Same old bloodgulch, buts its rained a bit and now its under 16ft of water.


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Map Mods Mooncrater(beta)

Its a map that is set in a giant crater on the moon


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Map Mods Hogwars

This file adds new Warthogs to the Bloodgulch map. Seems to be fun, so try it out :)


Map Mods Bloodgulch Death

A bloodgulch mod. Skins are changed, the assualt rifle shoots needles that are MUCH more effective. The rhog is much faster. The cha...


Map Mods Apocalypse Death Island

A death island mod on weapons including... The chaingun warthog shoots turret bullets, looks very cool. Assualt rifle shoots turret...


Map Mods Snowy Timberland

This a mod for timberland. It turns the map from day to night and adds a snowy texture on all ground surfaces. There are also some modded we...


Map Mods Nuke Gulch

This is heavlity modded map with all modded weapons, a flame thrower warthog and many others adjustments to blood gulch. Simply make sure yo...


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Map Mods Halo Demo Modded BloodGulch Map

Weapon mods like infinit ammo and raped fire. Rockets are homing and rocket luchers have raped fire. Vehicles are faster and warhog's passe...


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Map Mods H2-Gephyrophobia

AR: Now has scope and 3-round burst fire(Like the BR) Flamethrower is a Sentinal Beam(Flame still shows up and looks the same sorry) Plas...


Map Mods Total War

Total war is Halo PC only mod for Blood Gulch. It places a team with covenant weapons, the blue team, aganist a team with all human weapons,...


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Map Mods Human Weapon Mod/Fast Vehicles

This will make all the human weapons in bloodgultch have unlimited ammo and some of them will be more powerful. It will also make the vehicl...


Map Mods Zam's Chill Out Crazy Needles mod

This mod is for the map Chill Out. Apply the PPF patch with PPF-O-Matic. In this mod, I've tweaked the needler projectiles to bounce off of...


Map Mods Death Island Mod

This a slightly modified version of Death Island. The mod adds a powerful assault rifle on the map and places teleporters in each base to re...


Map Mods Blood Gulch Crazy Mod

This is mod for the Halo PC map Blood Gulch. This mod adds featues such as walking on walls, sniper rifles that shoot tank rounds, Banshees...


Map Mods Blood Gulch With The Glich

This is a mod for Halo PC. Make sure to back up your bloodgluch.map. This mod changes some of the weapons' projectiles and makes the game l...


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Map Mods Socom Snake Blood Gulch

This is a map mod for halo PC. Be sure to back up your bloodgulch.map before installing this map! This mod changes the shotgun to fire charg...


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