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Map tools ppfomatic 3.0

A tool to edit halo pc/ce maps


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Map tools Halo Mapping Tools Version 3.5

This utility will help all budding gamers Mod Halo: Combat Evolved. Create your own mods, anytime, anywhere. It's one of the most useful fil...


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Map tools Halo Map Switcher 2.0

New Normal Mode Functions: -PPF undo possibility -Add undo data to a PPF -Make a PPF with undo data -Create mapnames.ini in map folder b...


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Map tools Halo Tool Kit

A utility for halo. has all the things you need. like HMT v3.5, HHt 5, Spark Edit, ect. its for all those modders out there.


Map tools HMT 3.5 Plugins Pack

The plugins contained in this package are to be used with Halo Map Tools 3.5. They allow you to edit much more than you could when you first...


Map tools Halo Mod Installer

This installer installs Halo Trial and Halo PC mods. This is the first release of my Mod Installer so it is only capable of installing mods...