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Maps Death Island map

Death Island map for Halo. It's similar to the map The Silent Cartographer in Halo.


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Maps Swidewinder Map (from Halo 2 mod)

THis is the map from the Halo 2 mod which features stationary Minigus and Wraith tanks guns.


Maps Hanger

Nice designed map, great for sniping.


Maps Concealed

Here's a pretty nice map for Halo. Some spots to find cover but also some open fields. Go get this one!


Maps Outpost Rio

Outpost Rio is on the side of a huge mountain. As such it is a very dangerous place to be fighting. Expect to fall to your death if you are...


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Maps Quagmire

Its a map that set in a swap, similar to the one from 343 Guility Spark


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Maps Halo Library Map

The LibraryMP is a multiplayer conversion of the main index chamber from the single player Halo level The Library. The map is set u...


Maps Siege

Two different bases, new textures added and even an underground cave makes this a very good map for Halo. Go get it!



A medium sized map, supporting all gametypes. I think this is a nice for CTF though. Go give it a try :)


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Maps Sean's Gulch

Since I have no readme/description or screenshots I have no clue what this map looks like. That's for you to find out ;) Hope you still lik...


Maps Metalicism-X97

Well, this is really an awesome map! The author made it pretty detailled and turned out well. This is a smallsized map and it's full of d...


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Maps Pillar of Autumn Space Map

This is so far one of my favorite maps for Halo Custom Edition. If you don't have CE, get it, if only just for this map. It takes place in...


Maps Blood Gulch Vehicle Mod

This is a mod I made for the vehicles in Blood Gulch. It's ideally meant for the Warthogs, though it affects all vehicles, I haven't found a...


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Maps Pure Chaos

This map is a highly modded version of the halo map "sidewinder" This takes the normal weapons and powers them up. This is a goodf map for...


Maps War of Hog

It's big and there are 5 diffrent warthogs and 1 pelican. The preferred game types are: -Team Slayer - CTF It's fun to drive with yo...


Maps DeathManGulch

Really neat and dark level for Blood Gulch. One of the scarest and hardest to fight in. What's in the map? Guns: Upgraded and modifyed guns...


Maps Proving Grounds

The map comes with 2 maps for the dowload of one! The first is an arena style map for Halo Pc only. The second version is the same map with...


Maps Rasma Chasm

This is one of those mods that you can't see the changes at first. I should of made it clear, this map is for Halo PC, not CE...


Maps Crazy Gulch

A rather interesting mod which I had fun testing. The readme was hard to follow, but understandable. Most of the weapons have been modde...


Maps Leathality Canyon

A Danger Canyon varient with Flood and Covenant AI bots


Maps Space Gulch

This is just a minor alteration to the original halo PC's bloodgulch, though a really nice one. It changes the skybox to the one that you s...


Maps Ceiling Wars

A Blood Gulch variant. allows you to jump to the top of the map, and walk on the walls. Enjoy!


Maps Flying Hogs

A Blood Gulch variant. Has custom warthog skins, and they fly as well. Enjoy!


Maps Splinter Cell Prototype

Just to stress, this a Halo trial mod. I have no idea why this is called Splinter Cell, the readme doesn't explain. It's rather un...


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