Halo: Combat Evolved

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All Files In Halo: Combat Evolved Maps
Maps Cliff Hanger

Circluar map made for CTF. Cool little map but missing alot of textures.


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Maps Jump

Really small map, covenant style room. Great fun for 2-6 players.


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Maps Tutorial

Really fun map for multiplayer.


Maps Quagmire

Big Map thats a very unique map. Great job Molkien!


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Maps Box Map

Really small map, that is pretty simple.


Maps Ai

A moon set map with acctual Ai roaming the area.


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Maps Boxed In

Many AI playing in a boxed in map, its complete death unless you are a master at nading.


Maps Chaos

A really big map great for 16 players. You'll love sniping and rocketing on this map.


Maps Dub

Pretty big map with enough vehicles to keep you entertained.


Maps Faith

The map is a giant pistol fight frenzy, a big tower is placed in the middle for sniping or zoomed pistols.


Maps Frost

A winter set map covered in hiding spots.


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Maps Hillside

Really small, its only good for up to 4 people.


Maps Ice World

Its based on the Counter Strike Level Ice World, its good for people that hate camping.


Maps Inferno

Not a very exciting map. Its is just a mountain with a road situated around it.


Maps Integrity

Its a great clan map for big battles.


Maps Moon

Its a moon setting obviously with all of the craters and stars to fill in the effect.


Maps Rocky

There are really not that many rocks in the map, just a bunch of jagged objects. However with a bit of grass it might be a great map.


Maps Halcyon

The map is set in a covenant ship and the 2 teams have to chooce which side to attack.


Maps Abyss

Abyss is a giant map centered around a lake which has eroded a large area of land.


Maps Coliseum

Coliseum is a very small map where you are pitted with other player without bullets and a pistol. The point is to pistol whip everyone.


Maps Hourglass

Hourglass is a medium sized map situated around a hill.


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Maps Osiris

Osiris is a map that looks like it is egyptian, unfortunatly there is no sand.


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Maps Temple

Temple is a medium sized map set in a temple. Texturing is a bit off though.


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Maps Sniper Training

A fun little map that lets you snipe out BOTS. Great for practice.