Halo: Combat Evolved

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All Files In Halo: Combat Evolved Maps
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Maps Claustrophobia

Original new map by team Yayap.


Maps Advantage Point West

A very unique map with an egyptian twist.


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Maps Box Map

Really small map, that is pretty simple.


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Maps Grenade Warz

Covenant based map with a great fog feature. Great for riding people over.


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Maps Lightning Strike

Big forest based map with a garage!


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Maps Mad House XL

Little map good for up to 6 or 8 players. Fun with a rocket launcher!


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Maps River Blast

A river with 2 towns on each side that situate the teams.


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Maps SFear

Very Unique map that has a platform right in the middle with vehicles on it.


Maps Super Strunt Track

Its a race track for 'Riced Out" warthogs.


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Maps Transfer

Little map equipped with Ghosts for flying over the cliffs on.


Maps Ai

A moon set map with acctual Ai roaming the area.


Maps Bad Lands

A very unique map with dark hallway and weird lights for a scary look.


Maps Betterw

Large outdoor map, with what looks like camping grounds surrounding fire pits.


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Maps Blood Canyon

Pretty big map that has alot of rocket, grenades, and plasma.


Maps Blood Gulch 2

Not as techinically advanced as the first but good for the Blood Gulch Lovers.


Maps Blood Islands

I like this one alot because its very unique and it is good for big battles. Everything can be done here, sniping, driving, nading, camping!


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Maps Boxed In

Many AI playing in a boxed in map, its complete death unless you are a master at nading.


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Maps Dark Football

Another evolved similar map. Not much to say but many laser and some cool object added.


Maps City

Its not a very well textured map thats supposed to look like a city. However once you get by that it is very fun.


Maps Chaos

A really big map great for 16 players. You'll love sniping and rocketing on this map.


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Maps Death Basin

One of my favs, its very big and has plenty of sniping spots!


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Maps DM7Fear

Another map made for big battles. Plentty of vehicles too.


Maps Dub

Pretty big map with enough vehicles to keep you entertained.


Maps Faith

The map is a giant pistol fight frenzy, a big tower is placed in the middle for sniping or zoomed pistols.