Halo: Combat Evolved

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Media Tool++

This is a new GUI front end for the tool.exe extraction utility that comes with Halo CE. Its still confusing to use though


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Media GameStyle Offline Halo 2 Preview

GameStyle's new issue contains an exclusive preview of Halo 2.


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Media Halo Windows Text Fots

These are text fonts for Windows, They work fine for Windows ME, 2k and XP. I dont have anything older than that so I cannot say whether the...


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Media Halo .dds texture converter

This programe allows you to convert a .dds texture in a .bmp format so you can edit it with simple programes like Paint


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Media halogs2001.zip


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Media Halo Theme Remix

A remix to Halo's main theme.


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Media Halo Extravaganza

A Halo video.