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Mods Snow Gulch 2

Just as the name implies, Snow Gulch, nothing special here but a nice change of pace


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Mods hogwars

Among the best mods available, this mod features new features (MC Run) and new vehicles. A must have for all


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Mods Banshee AI on Blood Gulch

This is proberly one of the coolest mods I've ever played, it adds AI's to Blood Gulch who fly around in destructable Banshees. They also tr...


Mods Ryuu Mod Pack

Changes: Bloodguclh Rocket Speed is Nearly Instant Shotgun Zooms at 2/4/8 and fires rockets Sniper Rifle has infinite ammo ans hoots 5...


Mods Telegulch

IdiotChamp sent me this map, a modded blood gulch for halo. This map is best for sinper games since there are teleporters that will take you...


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Mods Halo Trial Mod

This Mod makes the Assault rifle shoot needles that don't explode, great for decorating vehicles. The warthog turret shoots fire bullets, t...


Mods DeathManGulch Wars

Here is the next version of DeathManGulch. This has been upgraded with plenty of new content. All of the fun stuff from the original like wa...


Mods Chillout Engineer Beta

This halo PC only mod gives you the ability to play as an engineer in Multiplayer with other people who have the mod. This is currently beta...


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Mods SweetMod

This is a nice little mod for the Halo trial. We get too few of these. Do not use the mod with Halo PC/Halo CE ~Shadow43289


Mods How to make Flaming Plasma Grenades

Have you ever wanted an incendiary grenade in halo? This easy to follow tutorial will show you how to make a flaming plasma grenade with Hal...


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Mods Ryno Gulch

This is a simple mod for Halo PC. This map replaces your default Blood Gulch (remember to back it up) with a modded version. This mod makes...


Mods Third Person Perspective mod

This nifty little program allows you to play Halo in third person. Not only does it show the camera behind the Master Chief, it even fixes a...


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Mods Paintball Gulch

This is a mod for Blood Gulch. This mod converts the map into a painball arena. Be sure to back up your bloodgluch.map before applying the ....


Mods Hot mod

Here we have a mod for Halo trial by Thedawnofhalo. It alters Bloodgulch with a few changes. This is what the author had to say about his mo...


Mods Bloodgulch AI Mod

This mod adds AI to each team on the map. It's meant for team games such as slayer or CTF, because the covenant are on the blue team and...


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Skins Lightning Ghost Skin

A skin which makes changes the Ghosts to a cool lightning type syle This file seems to have been taken from halomods.com. If any of the h...


Skins Battle Rifle Mod

First of all this is GDTroopers Battle Rifle model. I made a PPF with the required modifications so that all you HMT illiterate peop...


Skins Camohog

A replacement camo skin for either the Warthog or the Rocket hog.


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Skins Blood Red Banshee

This skin turns the Banshee blood red. I think its a refreshing chamge from the purple.


Skins Rustic Plama Rifle Skin

This is a well made skin that will take your nice shiney plasma rifle and make it into a more rustic looking weapon. This is simply a skin a...


Skins Outcast Skin Pack

This is hunter_cool_grunt_chicken's skin pack for an up coming work of fan fiction. Just use HMT 3.5 to replace the default skins with these...


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Skins Greenade

A replacement skin for the frag grenade which will turn it bright green.


Skins Water Hog

A new skin for Halo PC that give the warthog a water texture like skin. I'm actually using it right now and its pretty good.


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Skins Scorpion White Tiger Skin

One of the few vehicles that never seems to get any new skins around here is the Scorpion. I was kinda relieved to see that someone had paid...