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Others Chrion Map

A map of the multiplaye rmap Chrion While most people wouldn't have time to look at a map in the heat of battle, this map quite useful i...


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Others Q and A with Bungie

Here's a Q and A session (MS Word format) with Frankie from Bungie, covering Halo topics dating back to its beginning.


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Others Covenant/Forerunner Font

OK, so this is the final version of my Covenant/Forerunner font There are only letters, no numbers and stuff like [email protected]#$%^&*().,: The capi...


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Others Red vs Blue Icons

Prototype_z has created a set of replacement icons for your Halo 1 shortcut. They come in the colours of the main RvB characters. Personally...


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Others Halo 3 Icons

A set of Halo 3 themed Windows icons. Tested to work in Windows XP/Vista.