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Single Player Maps Single Player 343 Guilty Spark Level C10

Here's a compiled version of Halo 1's Single player map "343 Guilty Spark", in CE. It has all the original elements, but with the added grap...


Single Player Maps A10 (POA) SP CE Map

This is another Single Player Map for Halo CE. This is just like BioHalo and C10 in the fact that it is an SP only map, thus you must follow...


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Single Player Maps Truth and Reconciliation CE

This a single player campaign Halo CE map. It's mostly the same as the map from Halo. You cannot play this file online. To play you must...


Single Player Maps Library (c20) SP CE Map

This is the Library SP CE level. It has been modified with halo 2 weapons, and makes the overall Horrifying experience of the library less h...


Single Player Maps Desertplat

Halo Ce single player map. Won't work in multiplayer.


Single Player Maps The Silent Cartographer - B30 level

The Halo map "Silent Cartographer" is now available for download.


Single Player Maps Two Betrayls c40

This is the Two Betrayals map for Halo CE. Enjoy!


Single Player Maps Assault on the Control Room

This is the Halo level 'Assault on the Control Room. Please enjoy!


Single Player Maps The Maw

This is the last Halo CE map, it's The Maw. Enjoy it! Just so everyone knows this is the last SP map I have to upload. Please enjoy!


Single Player Maps Halo - level a30

This is the second map of Halo, and the first on the ring itself. Enjoy!


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Single Player Maps The Rush

A single player map where the player fights The Covenant, how original.


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Single Player Maps Madness

A continuations of Madness Part one. It's a single player map for CE.


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Single Player Maps Atephobia

I'll do full review later, when I'm feeling better. It's a good map and I enjoyed testing it. The weapons balence could be better.


Single Player Maps SP AI Fusion - Icefields

Well well. This is a rare treat for me. A CE SP map with a new AI test function. I really do approve. Thanks Kirby. Anyway. The file. Thi...


Single Player Maps Coluseum II

THE STORY: It is 2543. The master chief is returning from a training excercise from one of reach's moons. A covenant cruiser's distress...


Single Player Maps The Great Battle of Asis

Includes: Guess hog portable turrent The bird Vehicle Boom cannon Chain gun tags with fp Lots of ai for an all out war Spa...