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Skins Ice Ghost/Banshee

It makes the Banshees and Ghosts look all icey.


Skins Tiger Camo Tank

Sick tiger skin for tank.


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Skins Lightning Ghost Skin

A skin which makes changes the Ghosts to a cool lightning type syle This file seems to have been taken from halomods.com. If any of the h...


Skins Battle Rifle Mod

First of all this is GDTroopers Battle Rifle model. I made a PPF with the required modifications so that all you HMT illiterate peop...


Skins Camohog

A replacement camo skin for either the Warthog or the Rocket hog.


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Skins Blood Red Banshee

This skin turns the Banshee blood red. I think its a refreshing chamge from the purple.


Skins Rustic Plama Rifle Skin

This is a well made skin that will take your nice shiney plasma rifle and make it into a more rustic looking weapon. This is simply a skin a...


Skins Outcast Skin Pack

This is hunter_cool_grunt_chicken's skin pack for an up coming work of fan fiction. Just use HMT 3.5 to replace the default skins with these...


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Skins Greenade

A replacement skin for the frag grenade which will turn it bright green.


Skins Water Hog

A new skin for Halo PC that give the warthog a water texture like skin. I'm actually using it right now and its pretty good.


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Skins Scorpion White Tiger Skin

One of the few vehicles that never seems to get any new skins around here is the Scorpion. I was kinda relieved to see that someone had paid...


Skins Red Rocket Hog skin

This is a skin for the Rocket Warthog that turns the yellow stripe red. You can apply it to any map using HMT3.5. Just open the bitmaps sect...


Skins Halo Load Screens

You know how every time you load a map, you get that screen that says "Game Experience May Change During Online Play" or whatever? Ever ge...


Skins Spec. Ops. Assault Rifle skin

This is a badass skin for the Assault Rifle, and applies to all maps. The gun itself is changed from gray to black, and the LCD screen is gr...


Skins Halo 2 Pelican Skin

This is the Halo 2 skin of the pelican dropship.


Skins Zam's Crosshair Reticles

Are you one of those people who doesn't like the huge reticles of the Halo guns? Do you think you'd be more accurate with a smaller crosshai...


Skins Hog Skin

This is nice skin for the warthog. It changes the hog to a dark blue and adds different looking wheels. Be sure to back up your defult warth...


Skins Spec. Ops Banshee

This modified skin makes the banshee into a blackish colour with some lighter colours to complement that. I have included a new multi...


Skins Rusty Assault Rifle skin

klcdeathman's second skin of the time (going with the Golden assault rifle...


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Skins Brooklyns shotty skin

this is one of my favorite skins that I'v done so far. the skin turns the shotgun black and it turns the shells the it ejects green...


Skins Brooklyns oddball skin pack

Agreed, this review has been in the "Morpheus do it or your fired" list, and I have finally got round to it! Today or several weeks ago a...


Skins Enhanced flag skins

Some "Enhanced" flag skins today from Klcdeathman and may I say his skinning of objects and items is improving. Not a bad improvement act...


Skins DeathMans Desert Eagal

Guns. So uncivilized... Well today, we have something for all you gun loving patriots. yes indeedy its the desert "Eagal" I will firs...


Skins Carbonite rifle v1

Yes. Another weapon from Death Man's range of snow covered weapons.. not alot to say apart from the skin was definately a quick photos...


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