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Remember this? Here is the next map in the series; Halo. It replaces ma...


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Remember this? Here is the next map in the series; Halo. It replaces marines with elites and buffs up the assault rifle. There are also a number of minor changes, such as glowing needlers and other such modifications. Bear in mind that this is a beta, so comments, useful feedback etc. can be emailed (see readme) or posted as per usual. Remember to keep feedback useful and relevant, and I'm sure he knows about the warthog gunner ;)


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Download '' (16.96MB)

Allied Races: halo\\

Please note: there are multiple gliches in movement durring cutscenes.
Also Note: This is the beta of AR: PoA, Not a finished map.

Allied Races\\
After parts of the covenant became aware of Halo's true powers, 
they quicky formed an aliegence with the UNSC forces. 
This campaign takes place during that time.


Ship Comander Jacob Keyes
Honored for countless acts, Jacob Keyes was the first canidate for the SPARTAN II program.

Master Cheif John 117
Master Chief Petty Officer John 117 is one of the most well trained Spartan II's

THe Elites have allied with the Humans, Helping them with there quest to destroy the Halo's

Few Marines and Crewman are left after the long battles against the covenant loyaltists.

Go to my computers (axcesable through the start menu)

>>go to the Maps folder of your Halo game (usually: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Halo\MAPS)

>>backup your orriginal un-modded file

>>Copy and paste the modded file

>>You're ready to play!!!

Contact Me (Josh Bornstein) at\\ 
b3dtim3 {AT} hotmail {DOT} com

for coments, concerns, ideas, or help.

Also visit The silver Ops Website\\

H T T P : / / silverops {DOT} clangrid {dot} com

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