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It's not every day we get an SP mod! This mod by jpb1719 alters marines in the Pillar of Autumn to elites, and changes plasma grenades. It...

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It's not every day we get an SP mod! This mod by jpb1719 alters marines in the Pillar of Autumn to elites, and changes plasma grenades. It also changes the technicians to grunts and Captain Keyes to a Spartan.

I found this mod to be fun, but a little confusing. Having elites as allies is good, but it means that if (like me) you shoot anything blue and wielding a plasma rifle, your allies become a little thin on the ground until you realise who it is you are shooting. I also think that the assault rifle has been powered up, although this is not stated in the readme. The cutscenes on the whole work well, but there are some animation problems (such as Spartan Keyes not handing his pistol over). As I say, I enjoyed this mod and am looking forward to the final product.

Bear in mind that this is still a WIP and so any comments/suggestions can be posted below or emailed to jpb (see readme for email address).


N.B. Make sure you back up your before installing this mod

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Allied Races: PoA\\

Please note: there are multiple gliches in movement durring cutscenes.
Also Note: This is the beta of AR: PoA, Not a finished map.

Allied Races\\
After parts of the covenant became aware of Halo's true powers, 
they quicky formed an aliegence with the UNSC forces. 
This campaign takes place during that time.

After finding out about the betrayal of most of the Elites, 
the Prophits quickly ordered all ships in they're command to attack the Pillar of Autumn.


Ship Comander Jacob Keyes
Honored for countless acts, Jacob Keyes was the first canidate for the SPARTAN II program.

Master Cheif John 117
Master Chief Petty Officer John 117 is one of the most well trained Spartan II's

THe Elites have allied with the Humans, Helping them with there quest to destroy the Halo's

Few Marines and Crewman are left after the long battles against the covenant loyaltists.


All Marines turned into elites

Plasma grenade turns into the:

HCPG air placement charge
This weapon was created when the UNSC and Covenant made an aliance
It work by shooting a blast of super sonic vibrations, trowing back anything in its blast radius.
It is also dangerous because of how hard it is to see.

Go to my computers (axcesable through the start menu)

>>go to the Maps folder of your Halo game (usually: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Halo\MAPS)

>>backup your orriginal un-modded file

>>Copy and paste the modded file

>>You're ready to play!!!

Contact Me (Josh Bornstein) at\\ 
b3dtim3 {AT} hotmail {DOT} com

for coments, concerns, ideas, or help.

Also visit The silver Ops Website\\

H T T P : / / shadepawns {DOT} googlepages {dot} com

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