Apocalypse Alpha



hopefully much larger, and much more polished mod. The demo itself is functional to a point, but there are some pretty major issues, most notably, the lack of a gun reticle, so you can't actually tell where you are firing. You won't get far in this mod without it.As for the location itself, it's ment to be a modern day, 21st century city. And naturally, what would you do if aliens decided to invade your city? You'd shoot first, and ask questions later. So much for human diplomacy... :rolleyes:During my very limited play time, before dying on the bridge each time (due to lack of a reticle), I found no other problems with this mod, aside from the cold, dead stare constantly coming from the driver of the vehicle that you are in. :pInstructions are included in the readme on how to start up this single player mod in Halo CE. If you experience flickering on the main game screen, you'll need to set your graphics card to "application controlled" for AA and AF in whatever graphics software you use.Download link: http://www.gamefront.com/files/21672252/release.rar-SuperSmeg


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