Here's one of a series of maps released today by Arteen; Augurer. This is a remake of one of his previous maps; "[url="http://halo2.filefron...


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Here's one of a series of maps released today by Arteen; Augurer. This is a remake of one of his previous maps; "Augury". It's set in a luscious green canyon on Delta Halo and has the stock Halo weapons set. The biped has a new skin that looks better than the stock one in my opinion. The map is in a small circular canyon with red and blue flares of the "Infinity" style in each base, red for red, blue for blue obviously. The intervening area is taken up with various routes between bases and several areas for scraps to occur. The screenshots show the map in all its glory, so I refer you to those.

Gameplay wise, this map is good for almost all gametypes (save race due to its size) and has a fun layout. I would imagine that about 8 people could comfortably play slayer or oddball, as any more would get too crowded. It would also be a good map for 1v1s as it has a small area and weapons are not hard to come by. I really do enjoy this map. I think we need more maps like it; stock weapons with a good area for gamplay and well made. I love these style maps. So Ladies and Gentlemen, for your delight, "Augurer".


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Download 'augurer.rar' (4.92MB)

Name: Augurer
Author: Arteen

This map is a remake and update of my prior "Augury" map. This version was designed to alleviate problems in the original layout. This map was going to be a CMT map, but no such luck. I'm releasing it now so that it gets released at all, since the CMT version has been cancelled. It's fully playable, but not polished.

Special Thanks:
Tiamat for tags used in his ncyborg
CtrAltDestroy for the weapon backpack tags
Lightning and H2CE for teleporters and flag bases
Wave of Lag for making me learn how to UV unwrap
baturkin17 of and Phil of for hosting
Kyle and Stormwing for some ideas I wasn't able to implement in the original
CMT for testing, and for their work on the CMT version
The beta testers for the first version (sorry, I forgot your names after two years!)

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