B40 modded - Haloguy returns



new file. Not entirely my fault though, lol!)Haloguy132 returns, with a new file. I'm guessing he's also been in hibernation! :DWhat I love about this file, is that it isn't yet another "Silent Cartographer" or "Blood Gulch" mod. For the most part, it works as advertised, which is basically, a few weapons effects and vehicles have been swapped around. The only minor glitch I saw, is when the Pelican is dropping off a Pelican (yes, that is not a typo), the Pelican that it is dropping off vanishes. It was made to replace the Warthog, which is normally dropped off on the ground level before you finish crossing the bridges, and getting through the Covenant infested areas.It includes driveable Wraiths, and boy are they slow, just like their Halo 3 counterparts. I especially like the Ghosts that have had a speed increase.Aside from a few weapon effects, vehicles, and enemy swaps, there isn't really all that much different here. The level itself still plays the same, unless you use one of the now present Banshees in place of the turrets, and skip the bridges by flying downward. However, doing this does prevent all enemies loading in their predetermined areas, so the game will get a little boring, or more exciting, depending on how you feel about the Covenant. :pDownload link: http://www.gamefront.com/files/21670078/haloguyreturns__b40_modded%21.rar-SuperSmeg


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