Badlander Beta

badlander_beta.zip —


A medium gulch size map designed of all types of game play. The right balance for CTF, Roads for race, Sniper towers and sniper positions for slayer, Odd ball has been converted over to special game type (Surprise). All game types are supported for this map. Features newly textured warthogs and other such innovations.




There is added Battle rifle and magnum. Vehicles have custom skins and a slight variation made to the speed. The no fall out of vehicle script has been added but may not stay for the Final build. There is a hidden vehicle teleport that takes you somewhere else and only 1 vehicle will take you there. There is a hidden weapon (Grins). Some weapons have been reskinned along with some having surprise projectiles. 1 has a custom projectile with a special effect (Grins again). I tried to keep it simple so not to cause lag or warping. It has been beta tested proly 40+ times and the last one was flawless. Textures have good color and bump maps for a nice reality. There is some custom textures put in. There is a weapons room on each side for loading up before battle but the plasma cannon and rocket launcher have been placed out in middle of map locations to make it fair. The bases are pretty basic but yet have a lot of variation. There are many routes to and from each base but doesn’t make it a unfair advantage. I could write all day about this but I have 2 other map projects going and really wanted to get this out to be beta tested. You may leave me a private message here with any errors or improvements you'd like to see. 

4 types of Warthogs
Tank--in slayer but can be made into map for ctf in custom game types.
Ghost--reskinned with my custom one.

CREDITS & Special Thanks:

Well this whole map evolved with Armoured Fury and I. He gets Half of all credit for this map. He is one of the greatest modelers I've ever met and a Great Friend. We spent countless hours testing and rebuilding the map, the roads, adding tunnels, under bases, just tons and tons of revamping. (Bows Head) Thank You Kudos Fury!!!

I would also like to say thanks to any of the many people that contributed to the making of this map. Conure you have been excellent at getting the scripts to work and the effects tag to function correctly. Thanx to Jahrain for the Vortex sky. If I have missed anyone else please email me and I will add you to final build in the secret area.

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