Battle Scarred Assault Rifle

Doompig444 makes his Halofiles debut with a skin for the assault rifle. This skin is supposed to be a version of the assault rifle that is b...


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Doompig444 makes his Halofiles debut with a skin for the assault rifle. This skin is supposed to be a version of the assault rifle that is battle scarred and bloody. The skin causes the assault rifle to look scratched and used and main display is cracked.

I like the sentiment behind this skin. Not all weapons are going to be fresh from the UNSC manurfacturing plants and they will be damaged. I think that from a first person point of view the skin looks quite good, but I do feel that more depth is needed in the scarring as the texture does look quite flat in places. Not bad overall though.

But what are you listening to me for? Check out the screenshots and test it out for yourself.


P.S. I chucked in a couple more screenies as that is the best way of showing skins off. Hope you don't mind Doompig!

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Battle-Damaged Assault Rifle Skin
Skin by: doompig444

An assault rifle skin, but it makes the assault rifle look like its
been in a thousand battles or something. the LCD ammo counter constantly
flickers, with some numbers completely faded out. the compass is almost
invisible, because the numbers are so faint. the rifle itself carries many
scratches, as if it's been dropped many times. i darkened the rifle, but
made it seem like its completely beat up, with faded colors here and there.
theres even bloodstains on the stock of the rifle, showing that you really melee alot with it.

inside the enclosed "dds files" folder, there are 4 other folders. assault rifle,
assault rifle display, assault rifle compass, and assault rifle numbers.
open up HMT. open any map, open the [bitm]bitmaps tag. scroll down to weapons\assault rifle\fp\bitmaps\assault rifle_fp.
click "inject texture" and select the texture enclosed in the "assault rifle" folder of this mod (assault
hit save. then select weapons\assault rifle\fp\bitmaps\display_fp, and inject the texture in the assault rifle display folder.(
hit save. then select weapons\assault rifle\fp\bitmaps\compass_plate. select 1-64x64 and inject texture
keep doing this for all the compass numbers, matching 1 to 1, 2 to 2, etc.
then select weapons\assault rifle\fp\bitmaps\numbers_plate, and do the same with that, but instead using the
hit save. hit "close map file", start up halo, and your done.

feel free to use this in your own mods, but give me some credit for this skin, as i put some work into it.
as the halo ce modder mastersleet once said, "Give credit where it's due".

thx to monoxidec for hmt.

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