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So do you remember this Battle Scarred Assault Rifle? Well the creator of this skin, doompig444, brings us a beta of...


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So do you remember this Battle Scarred Assault Rifle? Well the creator of this skin, doompig444, brings us a beta of his next skins; similar to his previous style. This pack contains a sniper rifle skin and a skin for the biped, putting gouges and scratches into it. Well as skins are best browsed from pictures, I invite you to view the below screenies. I quite like this pack personally, so I'm looking forward to the final skinpack!

Please remember this is a beta, so please post any tips etc. below, or the email can be found in the readme, but please keep it constructive.


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Battle-Scarred Skins v1 (beta)
by doompig444

Well, I listened to Jackle, and decided to make a battle-scarred skin for the sniper. 
This was really hard, because I had no idea where to put the scars. And with the Assault Rifle.
it was really easy to put scars and stuff on it, and the Display really added to the
effect. The only problem is, I couldn't do the same with the sniper.
This skin didn't take too long, unlike the rifle, which took a long time to add some of the details
like the messed up display. No, this skin took like 30 minutes. I added some scratches
to the sniper, and made the scope look like it's not functioning properly.(thx to Jpb1719 with his Allied Races sniper skin, i never thought
to screw with that part of the scope). 
There are 2 skins included in this skin pack- Sniper Rifle and Master Chief.
The Sniper, as explained above, is a pretty simple one. Definetly NOT my best work. (Anyone wanna tell me how to make it look more screwed up?)
The Spartan skin looks, from the first view, the same as normal. It's not. 
There are now "buttons" on the back of the Spartan, and various scratches.
The visor is kinda weird, It's MOSTLY tinted black, except there are some scratches on the sides.
On further examination, however, you can see that there are some scratches on the chestplate
and in random places. Get a friend to stand still while you have the skin on. Take a sniper, and explore the skin.
Finally, since Jackel inspired me to make the whole thing, on the bottom of MasterChief's shoes theres a big bloodstain, and inside it says "Jackal"
I know I spelled his name wrong, but still, my bad.
Basically, these skins are hardly noticable, and you may or may not like them.

1 Open HMT
2 Open a map
3 Go to the bitmaps ta
4 select cubemap mirror surface where it says cyborg
click inject skin
select my cubemap mirror skin, and click open
5 Go to cyborg, do same as u did with cubemap mirror surface, but instead use
6 ill let u figure out the rest, you're pretty smart...(hint: do exactly as u did with step 4 and 5, but use the appropriate skin)
7 click save, click "close map file" start up halo, its skinned!!!!!~~~11oneoneone

Legal Stuff
You can use this skin in your mods, but credit me for the skin.

Enjoy these skins

Remember, this is a beta, its kinda bad, after I get some suggestions on upping the detail in these skins, ill release another version.


like these skins? check out my "Battle Scarred Assault Rifle" skin, its better.

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