A modded bloodgulch made by me.

It is basically a bloodgulch with weapons changed and unmanned/unmannable vehicles with a weight of 2 mil...


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A modded bloodgulch made by me.

It is basically a bloodgulch with weapons changed and unmanned/unmannable vehicles with a weight of 2 million flying randomly around (the Beasts). They hit you and you die and go flying.

Gameplay has changed a bit because of the precence of the Beasts and requires a lot of attention because you want to hit the enemy, avoid enemy fire and avoid Beasts at the same time. You are safe from the Beasts indoors, but others know that too, and won't give up their safe spot without a fight!

To play this it would propably be best to create a custom gametype with a desired amount of vehicles to become Beasts. All vehicles act differently with a weight of 2 million. Tanks for example are slower and easy to see but more deadly because they're bigger. Banshees and ghosts on the other hand are almost impossible to notice, but rarely hit the player because they fly higher. Also it is pointless to play this without vehicles because then you'll miss the main part of this mod.

Oh, and I didn't touch the tag editor for weapons because there's some glitch in my HHT that causes an error message to appear after I try to change stuff in it. So all weapons fire as many projectiles as they should, have normal amounts of ammo etc. Only what projectile they fire and how the projectile acts is edited.

For more information see the Readme.

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Download '' (5.36MB)

Beastgulch 1.0 readme

1. WTF is Beastgulch?!
2. What is in Beastgulch?
3. How to install
4. Credits/Other stuff


1: WTF is Beastgulch?!

Beastgulch is a modded bloodgulch map for Halo PC (not for custom edition).
It is basically a bloodgulch with altered weapons (Weapons explained in point 2) and unmanned vehicles flying all over the place.
I created it by accident after changing the scorpions weight. The result was hilarious, the tanks started flying and bouncing very fast and became dangerous obstacles, adding a fun new element to gameplay.
After that I applied the weight problem to all vehicles, which I call now Beasts, because they are like animals hunting you that you must avoid to stay alive. Hence the name "Beastgulch"

NOTE: The vehicles have no AI, they just bounce randomly from objects (they are still very deadly, often catching you by surprise and sending your recent corpse flying high).

2:What is in Beastgulch?

Beastgulch has many differences from the default bloodgulch, the most obvious one being the Beasts (what is a Beast? Read point 1. to find out!) but there are some other differences as well:

The weapons are modified, here's a list of weapons and what they do now:

Plasma Pistol: Normal bolts are now Banshee fuel rods with increased speed. Supercharge launches a plasma grenade travelling at sniper speed

Plasma rifle: Now fires plasma pistol supercharges with speed and lifetime increased, and is incredibly powerful (3 shots = kill).

Pistol: Fires test dummies to your heart's content! Have fun shooting your dummies with the other weapons or watch them get killed by Beasts!

Assault Rifle: No changes

Shotgun: Fires tank shells o_o

Rocket Launcher: No changes

Flamethrower: Fires plasma pistol normal bolts and has the original flamethrower particle effect (the flame as you see it) so it looks like a non-damaging flame with plasma pistol bolts coming from inside.

Sniper: Just like a normal halo 1 sniper, except it fires plasma grenades.

Fuel rod gun: The fuel rods are unaffected by gravity and are SUPER slow (Don't ask me why I did this). Although it may seem pointless it has some tactical elements as well.

The vehicles are obviously changed too. I gave them each a weight of 2 million, causing odd stuff to happen.
Also the weapons of the vehicles are changed but you can't drive the vehicles so I won't explain the changes

3:How to install

1:First unzip the file into your halo game directory.


3:After that you will just place the beastgulch file (the in the zip you just downloaded) into the MAPS directory.

4: Launch halo, make a lan or internet server, choose Bloodgulch as the map to play and enjoy!

4: Credits/Other stuff

Bungie: The original Bloodgulch map

gagga/gagga1/gagga2/lag/|>()()// a.k.a the maker of Beastgulch: I made beastgulch (by altering Bloodgulch with Halo Hacking Tools) and this readme you are reading now.
Thanks to:

Bungie, Microsoft and Gearbox for Halo

Jumping Krew Mods for Halo Hacking Tools.

You for downloading Beastgulch
You may:

Distribute this file elsewhere under these conditions: 

-You don't alter this text file or the map itself in any way

-You don't gain any profit or false credit from it in any way

Open this file in Halo Hacking Tools to see exactly how I changed the map

You may not:

Alter this text file or the map itself in any way

Distribute this file to gain profit or false credit in any way.


Anything that someone owns is owned by whoever owns it.


Enjoy Beastgulch and good luck surviving in there! (you're gonna need it buddy)

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