BHR Crazy v0.7



roundsPlasma rifle shoots fuel rodsPlasma pistol shoots fuel rodsPlasma overcharge fires Tank Shell (for use in slayer)Shotgun shoots 15 plasma nades (awesome up close! but will cross the entire map)Sniper rifle shoots Tank Shell (like nade)[/quote]This file is pretty much the trial map, but with ammo sets for each weapon swapped around. It does add the nice touch of being able to walk on walls, but no web slinging, so this obviously isn't for the Spider-Man fans amongst us (me! :D ).I wasn't able to test all the aspects of this mod as I was the only one playing it, (positions for file reviewers are still available) so it'll be a much better download for you when you and a few buddies are bored and just feel like blowing s**t up.Next time BHReader, include screenshots.File link:http://www.gamefront.com/files/20638402/bhr_bloodgulch_v.7.zip-SuperSmeg


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