Here is one of a handful of Halo CE single player maps. This mission has you in a flood infested city and you must blast your way out. This...


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Here is one of a handful of Halo CE single player maps. This mission has you in a flood infested city and you must blast your way out. This will only work as a single player map. If you try and run this map online it will crash Halo CE. Read the read-me for instructions to change the difficulty and how to start the map.

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Title: BioHalo v1.1a
Description: The Master Chief is trapped in a flood-infested city block, and must escape...
Author: p0lar_bear

This map is a SINGLE PLAYER MAP. If you attempt to load it as a MP map, Halo will crash. To load it, open up the console and type "map_name biohalo" without the quotes. Additionally, to set a difficulty, start Halo CE in developer mode, and type one of the following commands into the console:

game_difficulty_set easy
game_difficulty_set normal (<--this is the default difficulty, by the way)
game_difficulty_set hard
game_difficulty_set impossible

Then use the map_name command and play this map on the selected difficulty.

Anyway, this is my test of single-player scripting and fundamentals. This project took about 2 months to complete, and that was just scripting and population. The BSP is the same BSP as biohalo_alpha4, my other multiplayer map (don't play it, it sux! :P), but with better textures and lighting. The gameplay is linear; it's impossible to get lost or take a wrong turn.

The only known issue is that the Flood encounter that spawns when you leave the building can cause dramatic losses in framerate. Kill of some flood infection forms to improve your framerate a bit.


BSP, floor lamp scenery, street lamp scenery, population, scripting

H2CE Team
Dome light scenery

Final Battle BG Music
Linkin Park - &quot;Session&quot;

Everything else

And, what's a map release without a list-o-propz(tm)?
Special thanks are as follows:

 > TheGhost - Your custom cutscene and cutscene recreations got me started with this all. Thanks for helping me understand how basic cutscene scripting worked, and thanks for the tags you released on Oct. 6.
 > Kornman00 - Thank you SO much for helping me understand in-depth how Halo's engine and the editing kit works. Also, those SP pause menu widgets you released a while back also got me started on this.
 > dg945 - You also get props for the SP widget tags.

Also, thanks to all of my testers for pointing out various bugs I would have missed:

Beavis, M4573R51337, 9mm-Man, Pope, Leonskey, Timo, Jahrain, Foamy, Scooby Doo, Sunny Sharma, Lightning, and the [HIV] Clan, as well as TheGhost and Kornman00.

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