Bloodgulch Remixed

Adds custom weapons and Models. I also added a needler, that only spawns once per game. nothing major. I added a health gun, only has 2 ammo...


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Adds custom weapons and Models. I also added a needler, that only spawns once per game. nothing major. I added a health gun, only has 2 ammo, cannot be reloaded, basically a one time use weapon. some skins are included in the map, but don't worry, i took the time to put in the original bitmaps. also, crash in a vehicle, and see what happens (: flamethrower can stun you, and i made needle grenades. theres lots more, but this is the major stuff. i tried not to do anything big, because clients might lag.

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contact email:
Mod By Pedro
skins by pedro
basicaly, everything by me, pedro (:
to install, first go to C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesHaloMAPS .
find right click on it, choose copy, and paste it in a safe place,
for example, my documentsgames, or whatever.this is a backup copy in case you wanna 
remove my find MY right click it, choose copy, then paste it in 
C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesHaloMAPS. choose yes to overwrite. now play halo
Contents:I did what most people on this site never do, wich is, actualy model, and not 
just swapp projectiles and make the rocket launcher automatic or whatever. 
the weapons i changed are the asault rifle, the pistol, the shotgun, plasma rifle, plasma 
pistol, and rocket launcher. i added a roof to the rocket hog, and took 
the wings off the ghost. i also added a needler(not a pmi btw) with infinite ammo, but spawn only 
ONCE per new game. reseting the game wont make it spawn again.ther are only 2 in the map.
oh yeah, i also made a needle grenade that replaces the plasma, but still sticks. 
the flame thrower burns AND stuns you, so, if somebody manages to burn you with it, YOUR DEAD (:
stun means you cant move, btw, so your left open to a melee or grenade. 
the charged plasma pistol shot also stuns you. tank cannon homes in by a little now.
NEW!!! Get in a vehicle, ANY vehicle. now, crash it against a tree or wall, see what happens!!! 
weapons have new skins, but if you dont like them, I have included the original bitmaps, so you can inject 
them back with hmt.( i dont feel like writing a tutorial on this, sry)
i might have missed a few things. i didnt do anything major, mainly because if somebody joins your 
game, they'll lag. oh, i also made anti sniper shields on the bases
 and the hill behind red base. no vehicle speeds changed.some weapon sounds 
I AM NOT responding, so leave me alone, go search on google, you might learn something.
NOTE: i did not pmi anything, i just inserted custom models to the map

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