A mod of Eragonx's Homing Projectiles mod, thus all the project...


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A mod of Eragonx's Homing Projectiles mod, thus all the projectiles are homing! The weapons themselves have the same projectiles, but are homing. In this version the warthogs fly and have driver controlled turrets and Warthog turrets have been altered slightly as well. An 8x zoom has been added to the rocket launcher to make it more lethal, but to me this seems slightly odd, as you can run out of the way of rocket snipers, but each to their own!

I have also been reminded to tell you all that the 4th screenshot is a "taster of what is to come", so expect another map from AdmTalon soon!


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Download '' (5.59MB)

BloodGun Beta 1 for Halo PC |

Description: A modified version of Eragonx's Homing Projectiles Mod, Made for BloodGulch
	     Features flying warthogs that have turrets that the driver can control, 
	     homing projectiles (almost all of them, except for grenades), 
	     and improved warthog guns.

Installation: **BEWARE!** You should first backup your original BloodGulch
	      before installing this mod.

	      1. Backup original
	      2. Unzip
	      3. Copy modded to Halo PC maps directory. (usually C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Halo\Maps\)
	      4. Start up Halo and enjoy!

 **Note**: To control flying warthogs, use Space to accelerate, 
		CTRL to land, and mouse to aim.
In order to play this map correctly, set all vehicle spawns to 4.
Also, rockets launchers are EXTREMELY FUN to use, as they home on their targets!

Tools Used: HMT v3.5
	    HMT 60 Plugins Pack
	    Lots of Patience!

Legal Stuffz: You may use any tags out of this mod, without contacting me, 
		as long as you give me (or other persons) due credit.

Credits: Eragonx for the original Homing Projectiles Mod
	 Venators_All_The_Way for help and support, testing, and help with tags. Not to mention PWNAGE!
	 The creators of HMT, 60 Plugins Pack, and Sparkedit! YOU ROCK!

Contact: If need be, you can contact me at admtalon AT gmail DOT com
	 I'll also make a new topic in the HaloFiles Modding forum.


BTW, hehehe, the rocket launcher has 8x zoom! 

P.S. Screenshot 4 is a hint of what to come in the next version!

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