This is the final version of Bloodpac for halo trial. The beta can be found here:



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This is the final version of Bloodpac for halo trial. The beta can be found here:

Bloodpac Beta

There have been a few changes from the beta. For one, the sky jump has been improved so it is easier to land and stunt from. There are also plenty of little extras to keep people going (flaming warthog tires etc.). Similar to the beta, this mod can be pretty hectic with plasma flying everywhere, but the Tank gun still seems to be the strongest weapon in my eyes. For a final list of the changes on this map, see the readme. Hopefully we will see more mods from Prototype in the future.


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Download '' (5.69MB)

	Prototype_z's  Halo Trial Mod

    Bloodpac  V2

This mod took significantly longer than my last one 
because now i had to learn how to use sparkedit.  hopefully
the extra time will have been well spent.

	=a big wooden base in the sky
		[with its own warthog jump]

	=the sniper rifle shoots lots of needles

	=the assult rifle shoots homing plasma

	=the plasma rifle shoots very fast
		[also homing]

	=shotgun shoots plasma

	=pistol is on ultra full automatic

	=fuel rod gun is on steroids, aka so many shots its like a rainstorm

	=a lone teleporter to the sky base
		[it is near the bush at the blue base on the right side]{now is reachable by banshee}
		{now is reachable by banshee}

	=a torrent of falling medpacs from the sky

	=warthogs go much MUCH faster and have been modded to not fall over as much

	=warthogs can also fire from the driver's seat
		[the game is mostly geared tworads the individual, the lone killer]
	=banshee flys and shoots fast

	=the flamethrower,as usual, is supercharged
		[less overheating]

	=grenades,powerups,and some weapons respawn fast

	=most weapons have been scaled back for fairness

	=plasma pistol is now a tank pistol
		[damage scalled down so as to NOt make it the most powerful weapon]

	=at least 3 places you can teleport to from the sky base

	=can hold more frag grenades

	=homing rockets

	=warhog tires start fire on wood 
		[simulated fire, has no real effect]

	=a bunch of other tweaks to try to make it more balanced LOL

	i might have missed a few things because i have been modding this off and on for a month,
	but you get the idea...


	backup your orignal bloodgulch file then 
	copy this into your halo trial maps folder

-[defualt path is c:\programfiles\microsoftgames\halotrial\maps]-

you know,
 the usual

i used jackie's guide 2.0 for the flaming tire trick :)
i used spark edit,
hmt 3.5 [and the plugins]
ppf o matic
i got my inspiration from all the 
random teleporer mods i've played
ect. ect.

All those people with halo trial, rejoice, 
for here is a new mod among the precious few.

i have done testing with several people and on diffrent computers 
and operating systems, it seems to work fine.

if you have any sugestions for things you would want included in 
a future mod email me at [aquasheep12903 AT aim DOT com]  

Also i have no problem with people using any of my mods
just email me if you want to use it 

and of course just give me credit!

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