Another masterpiece from Prototype_z for Halo trial. The 3rd incarnation of Bloodpac is very impressive, custom skybox, every weapon changed...

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File Description

Another masterpiece from Prototype_z for Halo trial. The 3rd incarnation of Bloodpac is very impressive, custom skybox, every weapon changed, plenty of teleporters, skybases, custom vehicles. Also, for a limited time only RvB icons! Well, not for a limited time only, but download this and you get the icons as well.

Anyway. Back to the map. There are custom skins and an invisible warthog (see screenshots). My favourite aspect of the map is the ability to use the fuel rod gun as a sort of jetpack. I enjoyed doing that and sniping on the way around. The increased health on this map makes it good for deathmatches and one-on-ones. The assault rifle has also had a change that I have not seen on any other trial maps; the ability to continue firing. The skybox gives a different feel to the whole canyon and if you want good gameplay and a fun map give this a download. I heartily recommend downloading this if you are trial user. Great map. Hope we can expect a 4.0!


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	Prototype_z's  Halo Trial Mod

    Bloodpac  3.0
    RvB icons 1.2

This mod took significantly longer than my last one 
because now i had to learn how to use sparkedit.  hopefully
the extra time will have been well spent.

And now i've applied some new ideas to it

|||||||||||||||||new changes||||||||||||||||||||||||||
	=an expansion to the skybase
	=pistol is now a kind of like rosebud, you know, from that movie?

	=bg is a little darker

	[mostly for the logs in the sky, but there are other skins too]

	=More Tweaks
	[some to the plasma pistol]

	=somewhat better vehicle control 

	=some colors changed on certian projectiles

	=teleporters to the skybase at both bases
	[duh, i can't believe i forgot to do that before]

	=assult rifle now is NOT just a worthless copy of the plasma rifle
	[homing + the ability to click then switch to another weapon and walk away = damn]
	[creativity + assult rifle = win]

	=other stuff



	backup your orignal and file then 
	copy this into your halo trial maps folder

-[defualt path is c:\programfiles\microsoftgames\halotrial\maps]-
	then get the ppf o'mattic and apply the bitmaps.ppf to your file

i used jackie's guide 2.0 for the flaming tire trick :)
i used spark edit,
hmt 3.5 [and the plugins]
ppf o matic
i got my inspiration from all the 
random teleporer mods i've played
the rest was me and a few online tutorials that got me thinking
ect. ect.

All those people with halo trial, rejoice, 
for here is a new mod among the precious few.

i have done testing with several people and on diffrent computers 
and operating systems, it seems to work fine.

if you have any sugestions for things you would want included in 
a future mod email me at [aquasheep12903 AT aim DOT com]  

Also i have no problem with people using any of my mods
just email me if you want to use some of it in your mod

and of course just give me credit!

I rule

=jump then shoot the fuel rod gun at the ground alot to fly up the the sky base (or anywhere else)
=aim the assult rifle a little to the left of the flag and fire then switch to another weapon and watch\
as the rifle keeps shooting even though you are not (once you switch back to the assult rifle the bullets will come back)
=fire once to turn the assult rifle on, fire again to turn it off

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