Chronopolis C3 Public Beta V2.0

This is a large city map. It has a good amount of vehicles, and great for a gang fight movie. if you wanted to anyway.



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This is a large city map. It has a good amount of vehicles, and great for a gang fight movie. if you wanted to anyway.


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Chronopolis C3 Public Beta
By Jahrain

The Prelude:

	A commercialized subsection of downtown New Hiroshima, Japan, most famous for there
	scientific research labs for time travel and beautiful banks and office buildings
	was recently infested by the flood after a top secret military aircraft transferring
	obtained flood infection form specimens for scientific research crashed and allowed
	the infection forms to escape. The area was immediately called to quarantine and
	completely restricted any access to of from this area. The UNSC was held responsible
	for this mishap for and was ordered by the president of Japan to clean up after there
	mess. The Master Chief and his troops were sent down in order to eliminate all remaining
	life forms from the quarantine zone. No uninfected humans where found but the area still
	remained under quarantine for all life forms to be cleansed from contamination leaving
	no trace of what actually happened. During this period, this area left a perfect sealed
	area for a city based multiplayer death match arena. 

Gameplay Recommendations:

	Recommended for Team based or FFA gametypes of 6 - 16 players.
	Tanks and Banshees are availible with custom gametypes.
	New vehicles may be disabled with Classic gametypes.
	Race Is not yet fully supported in this beta but should be for the final.
	If FPS on lower end systems become a problem, disable specular lighting and reduce
	texture quality.
Installation Instructions:

	Extract contents to you \maps directory in your Halo CE folder.
	You must have WinRAR or any RAR supported decompression applications to extract


	All content contained with in this map, not limited to ideas, concepts,
	intellectual properties, etc are all copyrighted to me Jahrain, and to Bungie
	Software Inc. and some other people you probably don’t know. 

	Everything provided in this map is able to be decompiled back into there source
	format. These source files are freely available for your usage as long as you
	agree to these terms:

		1)	All content is to be used for educational, mod development, and
			or rendering, purposes only.

		2)	Any commercial redistribution or commercial usage in ANY relation
			to charging any currency or making any profits off of or for 
			ANYTHING provided within this map, not limited to all original
			ideas and concepts, textures, models, sounds, etc is strictly
			prohibited and may result in lawsuit by there respectful owners
			if used likewise.

		3)	If you choose to use any of the content in any mod, not limited
			to original ideas and concepts, any tags, textures, models,
			effects, sounds, etc. Be sure to give credit to where its due
			and state which contents where obtained from this map with the
			release of any such mod. 

			considered VERY DISRESPECTFUL to leach off of my content which
			I worked so hard to freely provide to you and not source any of
			your own content in return. If you want to protect the source
			files of you map or mod from aiding the modding community and
			open source development, DON’T USE ANYTHING CONTAINED WITHIN OR

	If compliant with these terms, you are free to do what ever you may please
	with any data stored within this cache file.

v0.2 Beta Critical Updates:

	-Removed the gibbing from the bipeds due to random exception problems.
	-Fixed some bsp portal clipping errors.


	Main Production/Programming: Jahrain

	BSP Modeling: Jahrain

	BSP Texture Mapping: Jahrain

	Weapons: Bungie
	(New Revolver Magnum was modeled, textured, and programmed by Jahrain)

	Vehicles: Bungie
	(The Bulldog modeled, textured, and programmed by Jahrain. The original concept
	of the Bulldog was based off of the Ferret design by Roger Wilco.)

	Scenery: Jahrain and Bungie
	(The benches were modeled and tagged by TheGuy)

	Characters: Bungie 
	(The updated MC was re-textured, re-rigged and reprogrammed by Jahrain)

	Special Thanks to CMT for some effect tags for the SMG and Warthog, also to
	Tiamat for his help with some vehicle animation and animation programming, to all
	those who provided some of there graffiti artwork to decorate the map, to all
	those who provided a helping hand in the development, and to all of you, testers who play
	this map in its public beta.

There’s still much more graffiti tags left to add into this map, also still much more details left to be added,
some BSP portal errors needed to be fixed, and some more weapon tweaks to be done.  This should all be done by
the final version. Until then, enjoy this playable beta in anticipation for the final.

Any comments, questions, suggestions or conserns can be sent to me via PM in or
by email: [email protected]

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