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By far the BEST CE map ever to be released, Coldsnap has something for everyone. It is a large ice plateau surrounded on three sides by moun...


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By far the BEST CE map ever to be released, Coldsnap has something for everyone. It is a large ice plateau surrounded on three sides by mountains, with a large crevasse going through the center. This map is the sequel to Tiamat's ever popular Hugeass map. It has upgraded jets, awosome hogs, mechs, tanks, longswords, and a new vehicle called the mythos. This is by far the LARGEST CE map ever to be released to the public. Also included are a bunch of lovely h4x including but not limited to: Uncampable bases, time of day changer in escape menu, pickupable hogs,ghosts, and scorps w/ peli, font color changer, C4, and much more! This is THE most popular CE map, as its guaranteed there will always be at least 5 servers of it up at any given time. All in all, this map gets a 100 out 10. For more information see the readme and go play the map!


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Download '' (27.25MB)


All game types play normal except CTF. 
In CTF each team starts in their base, safe from all enemies where you pick a vehicle and then leave the hanger 

Red team: 
Hogs start in area just below starting region. To leave base in hog go into one of the two vehicle teleports on the other side of the raised part 

Longswords start on raised platforms at the end of the starting point area. To leave in a longsword fly through the hanger on the opposite side of the base as the longsword, the longsword is initially facing that direction. 

Jets start behind longswords, you can either walk all the way there or take the teleport at the corners of the lower platform. To leave in a jet fly, either fly strait into the tube in front of them or fly into the longsword exits 

Blue team: 
Hogs start in the area just below your starting location. To leave in a hog go into one of the three hog teleports or take the mythos exit 

Jets start in the middle platform. To leave in jet fly strait into the tube in front of you or fly over and out the mythos exit 

Mythos starts in a raised platform on the far side of the base. To leave in the mythos just walk strait forward 

Scorpions start behind mythos. To leave in scorpions drive out the mythos exit strait ahead 

Also note that in blue base the small structure in the center of each side will teleport you to the other side of blue base if you go into the middle of it (up the little ramp). 

The pelicans and ghosts are located out in the battlefield in the two corners not occupied by red and blue team. 

To pick up a vehicle in the pelican drive the vehicle to the center of the landing pad and empty it of all passengers. Then the pelican pilot press the flashlight button while hovering over the same pad. To release the vehicle either press flashlight again or have another player enter the vehicle, you can drop a vehicle off anywhere but you can only pick it up at a landing pad. 

You can only pick up hogs ghosts and scorpions 

Special thanx to all those who tested but again there’s to many of you and I have a horrible memory but I did manage to write down the people who actually submitted content 

Terrain by fenrir, bases structures and sturture integration by tiamat, scripts by tiamat, except one by steelix B (falling in pit death) the mech moddelled by fenrir, guass hog by SteelizxB, sniper moddeled by tweek, then mutilated with my skin :P , everything else moddeled by me and/or bungie all content only take from halo1 not halo2., skins (the few that there are) done by me (Tiamat) as well, and special thanx goes out to KiLLa, but for what will remain a mystry :O, and ZexGX for makeing a mushroom cloud which i exstensivly modded and he still preferes his original :P

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