Covenant Campaign



Elites, and now Grunts. The Warthog is gone, but also the Ghost is aswell.So what do you get in it's place? Only a transport variant of the Covenant Shadow, you know, the Covenant transport vehicle as seen in Halo 2, with fully working seating positions and gunner location! :)There are still one or 2 character animation hiccups, but it is mostly all perfect now.The level itself doesn't really play that differently, but like with all the previous versions before this, being swapped from UNSC to Covenant pretty much amplifies the fun factor, and that is why we all play these games right? To have fun. :)Oh, and it has been changed to a night setting, which in my opinion, actually makes the level look better.File link:http://www.gamefront.com/files/20650089/cc_sc_b30.zip-SuperSmeg(PS: Iceelite, please send me some of your own screenshots as soon as you can. I made an example screenshot, but after you uploaded this, you never sent them, like you said you would.)


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