Covenant side of the war - The Pillar of autumn



--STORYLINE-- After escaping a glassed planet, a covenant ship gets boarded and invaded by the UNSC. 'Lillo', the bravest and strongest grunt who defeated several UNSC forces alone is ordered by the shipmaster to get off the ship. He is assisted by the Covenant AI, 'Cortana' who will guide him off the ship.

--NOTES-- -You will be invincible ONLY if you are playing on easy or normal. -Due to errors, all plasma pistols are replaced with assault rifles. -Captain Keyes is an elite. -You will be assisted by other grunts that are invincible. -You MUST start this map from the beginning of the level in order to play it. Continuing from a saved checkpoint that has a different version of this will lead to an exception.

--HOW TO INSTALL-- Here is instructions on how to install this map step-by-step. 1. Go to the MAPS folder on Halo and create a new folder called 'Original Files'. 2. Copy and paste the a10 file into the original file. 3. Simply download this map. 4. When finished, go to the destination in which you downloaded this file and copy and paste it to the MAPS folder. 5. Open 'Halo' and go to 'campaign'. 6. Go to 'New Game' and then 'Pillar of Autumn' and then choose a difficulty. 7. ENJOY!

If you've find a glitch, please PM me.


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