Crazy Gulch

A rather interesting mod which I had fun testing. The readme was hard to follow, but understandable.

Most of the weapons have been modde...


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A rather interesting mod which I had fun testing. The readme was hard to follow, but understandable.

Most of the weapons have been modded along with the vehicles. My big gripe is that whenever I tried ot jump, I got flung to the top of the map, to get down you just press crouch, but aiming where you fall it quite dificult.

The plasma pistol and plasma rifle both fire multiple blasts in one shot. The pistol has spread fire mode similar to a shotgun (see screenshot), this seems quite useful against multiple opponents. The plasma rifles fired 6 or 7 shots along the same trajectory, this seems unbalanced given the increased accuracy of the rifle. The human pistol now fires like an rapid fire SMG and has unlimited ammo, again this seems unbalanced given the damage done by a pistol bullet. The assault rifle has a much higher rate of fire, near unlimited ammo and increased accuracy, this irritated me somewhat as the assault rifle is more of a damage weapon rather than a precision weapon (but it's really up to personal choice). The shotgun now has sniper accuracy and range. This puzzled me as by nature a shotgun is a short range spread fire weapon (again it's really a matter of personal preference). Both the assault rifle and shotgun have x2 and x8 zoom. The sniper rifle seems unchanged except that each shot fires 2 bullets. The rocket launcher fires multiple rockets in a similar way to plasma pistol. While this seems unbalenced, the increased chance of blowing yourself up levels things out. The plasma cannon fires a huge blast now, it was actually quite frightening according to a fellow tester (see screenshot).

As for the vehicles, the ghost appears broken as all it does it float straight upwards and then jet off exceptionally fast. I died on every attempt to pilot the ghost. The Warthog chain-gun can now be fired from the drivers seat and the chain gun has a much larger spread of fire. The rocket hog's cannon can also be fired from the drivers seat, the re-fire rate of the rockets has been improved (a definite improvement) and the amount of rockets fired has been increased. Both hogs seem quite balanced with the new adjustments. The chain-gun/rocket cannon cannot be fired from the rear position anymore unfortunately. As a small note, whenever I drove either hog, the player model would disappear, I do not know if this was in-tensional but it's quite eerie seeing a hog with no apparent driver. The Scorpion seems unchanged except the main gun now fires several shells, this produces a huge white blast (it actually caused my monitor to reset) that easily blinds any other players (see screenshot). Despite what is said in the read-me, the banshee seems unchanged.

All in all, this is a fun and well planned map. A few things are a little umbalanced and I don't recommend this map for serious playing, but for just messing around with friends, this map is perfect.

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Hello, thanks for downloading my crazy gulch, its a

modded gulch with almost everything modded, all the 

guns are super deadly, shooting around 40 projectiles 
in 1 shot, same for the vehicles, and the warthogs 

are drove from the drives seat and also the turret is 

fired from the drivers seat. tanks are kind of noobie, so 

if you hate noobs, take out the tanks and you can walk

on walls. If you do hate noobs i mooded the shees so 

it's harder to hit people.

if you have hms just put it in the "Downloaded Maps"

folder and switch it with bloodgultch.You need hms!!

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