Cryophobia: Enhanced

Cryophobia v.E by Echo Ranger 449

This is the "enhanced version" of Cryophobia.

This version isn't as stable, due to the last recur...


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Cryophobia v.E by Echo Ranger 449

This is the "enhanced version" of Cryophobia.

This version isn't as stable, due to the last recursive injection. You are not allowed to redistribute this mod without the credits included in the installation/uninstallation files. Feel free to modify this file however you like, just make sure that if you repost it that you give credit to me and everyone else I have credited.

Updates? Known imbalances from the former that are fixed -The "jet" fires two missiles with a decent amount of error -The battle rifle has been rebalanced as well as most other weapons.- The battle rifle's recoil has also been reduced. -The brute shot fires faster and can actually kill targets without hitting them dead on- range is also increased. -The Fuel Rod Gun will start at default with twenty-five rounds -The max projectile range is much shorter for the battle rifle

Note that there are a few non-css elements that will make it harder for you to play than people without the mod- one example is recoil and the hovertan's max aiming pitch.

Fireghost's heat recovery has been slightly decreased needler turret's ROF has been decreased

I have almost completely eliminated wall-climbing (you can still climb bases if you do it right) this was done to make the hovertank a more easy target to hit with explosives

the jet still has the tendency to look up about 10-15 degrees/sec, but it won't really be a problem unless you're just pressing down the "w" key.

The flying warthog is now easier to fly and is much harder to flip. I noticed that this causes collisions against the environment to increase as well as the damage taken from it. I have added a weak shield approximately the same strength as a spartan's shield. It will not shield players at all against explosives as far as I can tell.

The gauss hog now has splash damage- the radius is small, but you do not need to hit targets directly to inflict about 30-50% shield damage. A direct hit will kill infantry. Jets take 2 shots to kill...and I think other vehicles as well- not too sure though.

the "pulse needler" from sky wars has been replaced with basically an ordinary needler that shoots faster, blue needles.

I've added reload sounds for the battle rifle and brute shot. the firing sound glitch for the sniper rifle is still there though.

Shaders have been enhanced for vehicles, bipds, and the environment.

There are two versions- night light snowfall day snow storm

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Download '' (21.32MB)

Due to the size of this mod, I will only post the installation file here. You need to backup your maps before you try to install this mod- that is, you need to have unmodded (not modified since 2003 ) maps backed up. It is highly recommended that you only play this mod if you have a decent video card. If you don't, your game may lock up.

To install this mod, close Halo Trial if it's running, back up your maps, click "install", then run the installation file. If you get an "unknown error/reason", then one or more of your maps has been modified. At the end of the installation, run Halo Trial. If you want to use the hovertank or fireghost, you will need to use a gametype program or type in a devcommand into the Halo Trial console. for example: sv_map bloodgulch "assault"
I would suggest you get a gametype program like dblo sevn's since it gives you more options

If you want to play the night version, get ppf-o-matic and apply bloodgulch.ppf to, ui.ppf to, and bitmaps.ppf to Undo the ppf files if you want to go back to the day version.

If you want to "uninstall" this mod, just copy over the modded map files with the backups you made.



Wind Sounds- (converted and edited by me)
HUD by Hawaiian Pig shield bar- Echo Ranger 449
Grenade HUD revision- Echo Ranger 449
Shotgun [models].... by CtrlAltDestroy Shotgun[skin]- Echo Ranger 449
Gauss Hog model by CtrlAltDestroy
Plasma Cannon by CtrlAltDestroy
Plasma Cannon [skin]- Echo Ranger 449
Battle Rifle [skin]- Echo Ranger 449
battle rifle model by CtrlAltDestroy
Hud outlines for Battle Rifle- public contribution to
Battle Rifle firing sounds recorded off of a Halo 3 beta "battle rifle glitches" video on youtube
Fragmentation grenade [model]- Echo Ranger 449
Fragmentation grenade [skin]-kerrhalla452
Air Striker [skin] and [model]- Fantasy
brute shot model by CtrlAltDestroy
brute shot third person model and skin by Echo Ranger 449
spartan[models].... by CtrlAltDestroy
spartan [skin]-kerrhalla452
Pistol [model]- {SMT}iguana, minor model adjustments by Echo Ranger 449
Pistol [skin]- {SMT}iguana, red markers removed by Echo Ranger 449
Energy Sword [model]- Echo Ranger 449
Energy Sword [skin]- Bungie and Echo Ranger 449
Hud outline for Energy Sword- public contribution to
Abraham Tank [model]- whitejackson13
Tank camo skin- Terorrr
Hood of gauss hog [skin]- {SMT}iguana
Rest of Gauss Hog [skin]- Echo Ranger 449
Warthog [model]- Echo Ranger 449
Tech (aka (DA)Ender) for the fuel rod sounds
conure for helping me figure out how to rebuild ui maps
Kiwi and the halomaps community for helping me come up with a name for cryophobia
mooseguy for the "raising the vehicle ceiling height" tutorial tutorials for helping me figure out how to record sounds.
Xion for the Walrus (flying warthog) skin (homepage-
Echo Ranger 449 for the Walrus model
NitrousOxide wanted me to give credit to the h2ce team, so here it is.
Mac Gaming Mods for the snow tutorial and Taxiservice for putting snow into Cryophobia for me.
Applied Language for providing flags I could skin the Cryophobia's multiplayer flags with.
ZMT L33T for the pistol animations

Meta Injectors:
[WHMT] Macsforever

NiTrOuSoXiDe for the Gauss hog sounds
Bungie for the Energy Sword sounds
OrionWarrior for the loading screen image

Rocket Launcher, Pistol, and 1st/3rd person shotgun skins- TAZZ

Battle Rifle Reload:
Brute Shot Reload:
Plasma grenade Armed:

Skin for the ground was created by taking a segment from another snow level in the full version and duplicating it several times. I do not believe that should or will cause any conflict with Bungie or Microsoft.

Credits for the Assault rifle are a bit if-ish, but Invaderveex summed it all up fairly well. Text between lines was quoted from Invaderveex of In summary, the assault rifle contains elements from both versions:

That AR is somewhat PM7, I guess. I personally don't enjoy the newest one.

Overall Skin = Ryder
Display = Phoenix
Model = Phoenix
Animations = FlamingRain
Reticle = Phoenix.

But THIS version...
Overall skin = Me
Display = Me (I hadm't changed it yet, but the newer I made was good)
Model = Phoenix
Anims = FRain
Reticle = Me
Sounds = Me

Thanks to everyone else whose name(s) I have forgotten!

Programs Used:

Halo Hacker Tools
Halo Mapping Tools
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