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This is the final chapter to the Cryophobia mod series. The campaign was not finished and thus only the multiplayer version is availa...


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This is the final chapter to the Cryophobia mod series. The campaign was not finished and thus only the multiplayer version is available. There are, like Cryophobia: Enhanced, two versions of the mod-- "Night" and "Day". Echo Ranger 449 and the Halo Archives are proud to present the Halo Trial mod that has been in the making since April 26, 2007. The mod started out as an update for Sky Wars v.1.2 and ends up as Sky Wars v.2, Cryophobia, Cryophobia v.E, and then finally, Cryosis. I hope you enjoy this mod as much as I do. This mod was created by Echo Ranger 449. If you redistribute the mod, you MUST include the credits given at the end of the readme file.

How to install: Open the zip file with winrar, winzip, or 7zip. Extract (or run) Install_Cryosis.exe. Follow the instructions. Remember that you need unmodded maps. This file WILL work, but your maps cannot be modded; doing even the smallest modification to your maps will prevent the installation file from working. I suggest you get unmodded maps by reinstalling Halo Trial if you cannot get this installation program to work. Due to the size of the uninstallation file, I will not include it in this download. It's not really needed anyway. Just back up your maps before installing Cryosis. Move the Halo.exe file to your Halo Trial folder. You should be asked if you want to overwrite halo.exe. Say "yes". This is the only file you need besides the mod's to create and run your own gametypes without any external applications.

Wow. Just wow. This is one of the biggest and best Halo Trial mods to hit the modding scene. I don't know where to begin on its features. All I need to do is refer you to the readme and the information given by the author in the quoted section. For everyone with Halo trial; I heartily recommend downloading this mod as it will completely re-vamp the game. I take my hat off to anyone who was involved. A lot of work went into this mod and I want to thank the authors, as I'm sure this mod will help keep the Halo Trial community alive for a while longer. Enjoy this mod! Screenshots are attached and


N.B. We as Halofiles staff did a lot of discussing and investigating about the legality of this mod and whether it should be posted and we came to the conclusion that it should be. Should any of you have any major complaints about the content of the mod, please email a member of staff to express your point of view.

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Download '' (31.02MB)


∙ Type-1 Energy Weapon/Sword: 1 hit (melee) kill. The primary trigger allows the wielder to pull vehicles, equipment, weapons, and other players.
∙ Magnum: more or less powerful than the default. It is semi-automatic with 8 shots per magazine.
∙ Type-33 Cluster Explosives Launcher: similar to Cryophobia's "air strike pistol", this weapon fires several projectiles from the gun itself (as opposed to from "the sky"). It takes 6 seconds to charge and 12 seconds to detonate. This allows the wielder to find some cover before they go off. The weapon will fire in all 180 degrees you can see. It is by no means a precision weapon. Keep in mind your fellow team mates whenever you use this weapon.
∙ Type-25 Grenade Launcher (Brute shot): unlike the halo 2 version, this one does not bounce. it features an orange glowing projectile that travels with a very slight arc. It is much more powerful compared to the Cryophobia Enhanced version and far more accurate.
∙ Type-33 Guided Munitions Launcher (Needler): This version travels about as fast as the Halo 3 version, with the same level of homing as the default Halo 1 version.
∙ Type-33 Light Anti-Armor Weapon (Fuel Rod Gun): Very similar to the Halo 3 version. Slight arc and homing. 5 rounds per clip (there is no reloading animation and thus, no reloading time either. There is also no overheating for this weapon.
∙ BR55HB SR Battle Rifle: Similar to the Halo 3 version. The three shot burst is not always consistent (sometimes 2 or 4 shots will be fired). The homing has been adjusted to match the Halo 2 version, which is a great improvement compared to the previous Cryophobia versions. It is an idea weapon for medium to long range firefights.
∙ M90 Close Assault Weapon System (Shotgun): slightly less powerful than the Halo 3 version (and much less powerful than the Halo 1 version), the shotgun can kill players at point blank range in one to two shots. Range is much more limited than the Halo 1 version.
∙ M41 SSR MAV/AW Rocket Launcher: Similar to the halo 1 version, but with more force.
∙ MA5C Individual Combat Weapon System (Assault Rifle): greater accuracy and damage, this is now an ideal fighting weapon in Cryosis. It is definitely useful in medium to short range combat.
∙ Type-1 Antipersonnel Grenade: Unlike the Halo 1 version, which was mostly an EMP (takes off your shields) grenade, this version scales damage based off of how far you are from the grenade when it detonates. Standing right over it will almost always guarantee certain death.
∙ M9 HE-DP Fragmentation Grenade: Unlike the halo 1 version, it will take off only your shield if you have 100% shields. The damage increases dramatically if it damages your health. The grenade detonates almost always on the second bounce, unless it hits a cliff wall, which, if far enough from, will detonate immediately.


∙ Walrus (a.k.a. flying warthog): This is a prototype UNSC vehicle that uses a modified warthog with a single D77H-TCI Pelican engine installed underneath the vehicle. It has a slow acceleration, but a great potential speed. It has poor maneuverability compared to the covenant banshee, but greater than a standard UNSC Pelican. Due to the design, the back turret has been removed and replaced with a second passenger seat. This vehicle features a weak energy shield to protect against collisions against the environment.
∙ Jet: A custom vehicle I designed based off of the banshee. It features identical physics and flies like one in just about every aspect except it has no reverse and thrust must be continually applied to keep the vehicle airborne. The primary fire is a dual-50 cal cannon and 4-shot missile launcher. The 50 cal overheats very quickly and will disable the missile launcher if it does. The vehicle must be aligned with the target to make an accurate shot. This differs from the banshee where the cannon could be fired at an angle relative to the banshee's forward.
∙ Gauss Hog: A standard UNSC warthog with a gauss cannon mounted on the back. The gauss cannon fires one shot per second. It is inaccurate, but deadly when it makes a hit. It has slight splash damage, but a direct hit will kill even a vehicle in two shots. This is an ideal anti-vehicle weapon.
∙ Mobile Anti-vehicle Needler Turret: The name says it all. The turret has been downgraded from the earlier Cryophobia version to keep it from dominating other vehicles on the map. It has almost no affect on infantry however.
∙ Hovertank: An Abram tank capable of hovering. It has a limited firing angle in the vertical direction. A main advantage with this vehicle is the ability to side-step, like the covenant ghost. The primary cannon is identical to the UNSC scorpion cannon. The secondary fire is a rapid-firing "auto-cannon"; when it fires, it will continuously spew out a stream of bullets at a very high rate of fire until the cannon overheats-- this should only be used as a last resort.
∙ Fire Ghost: Similar to the standard covenant ghost, the fire ghost's plasma cannon is replaced with a defoliant launcher. It too, like many other vehicles in Cryosis, overheats. Unlike the flamethrower, the defoliant particles or "fire balls" do not inflict continuous damage; this is due to the projectile's speed that causes it to lose much of its heat before it hits the target.

Enemy bases: both are located on cliff tops at opposite ends of the map.


∙ There are two teleporter loops that can take players to the enemy bases. 
∙ The primary loop is the safest loop.
∙ The second teleport loop teleporters take players along the outer cliffs (opposite of the bases). These cliffs are much more susceptible to vehicle fire.

Listed below is information helpful in reading the teleporter map. The teleporter map is included with the other screenshots.

∙ 11 takes you to 11b, 11a takes you to 11.
∙ 15 takes you to 15a, 15b takes you to 15.
∙ 2 takes you to 2a, 2b takes you to 2.
∙ 6 takes you to 6b, 6a takes you to 6.
∙ 16a and 16b take you to 16.

∙ Red = main teleporter loop
∙ Light Blue= Second teleporter loop
∙ Green= paths to get into the two teleporter loops
∙ Purple= two teleporters that take players out of the main teleporter loop. These are meant to get players who got off track from the main teleporter loop out of it (mostly people who join without the mod).

∙ 1: takes you up and down the red flag cliff
∙ 8: takes you up and down the blue flag cliff
∙ 17: is located next to a health pack
∙ 9: is located next to a rocket launcher
∙ 18: has no marker. You'll have to climb up the right edge of the area below the cliff overhang
∙ 10: is located next to a fuel rod

Other notes:

∙ The "hill" in king of the hill, can only be seen if you're outside of it. Something happened during the mod's development that caused this "glitch".
∙ It is advised to keep the player limit half of what you would normally host. Though not necessary, it does help make the game a lot more enjoyable for those with and without the mod.
∙ This mod can only be run by computers that support "specular" in the video setup. There may be other requirements as well.
∙ The pistol, rocket launcher, and battle rifle have night vision. This is particularly useful in the night version.

    * NASA for the planet Earth image
    * Ring bitmap by Bungie (extracted from the full version for the level "Truth and Reconciliation")
    * Snow covered interior base floor and gauss hog snow tires by XSking
    * Taxiservice for the Assault Rifle reticle
    * Hud outlines for Battle Rifle- public contribution to
    * Battle Rifle firing sounds recorded off of a Halo 3 beta "battle rifle glitches" video on youtube
    * Fragmentation grenade [model][skin]- Tazz
    * Air Striker [skin] and [model]- Tazz
    * brute shot model by CtrlAltDestroy
    * brute shot third person model and skin by Echo Ranger 449
    * spartan[models].... by CtrlAltDestroy
    * spartan [skin]-kerrhalla452
    * Pistol [model]- Tazz, minor model adjustments by Echo Ranger 449
    * Pistol [skin]- Tazz, red markers removed by Echo Ranger 449
    * Energy Sword [model]- Echo Ranger 449
    * Energy Sword [skin]- Bungie and Echo Ranger 449
    * Hud outline for Energy Sword- public contribution to
    * Abraham Tank [model]- Echo Ranger 449
    * Tank camo skin- Terorrr
    * Snow texture, snow bump map, snow detail, cliff texture, cliff bump map, and cliff detail bitmaps taken from the full version map "Assault on the Control Room.
    * Hood of gauss hog [skin]- {SMT}iguana
    * Rest of Gauss Hog [skin]- Echo Ranger 449
    * Warthog [model]- Echo Ranger 449
    * Tech (aka (DA)Ender) for the fuel rod sounds
    * conure for helping me figure out how to rebuild ui maps
    * Kiwi and the halomaps community for helping me come up with a name for cryophobia
    * mooseguy for the "raising the vehicle ceiling height" tutorial
    * tutorials for helping me figure out how to record sounds.
    * Xion for the Walrus (flying warthog) skin (homepage-
    * Echo Ranger 449 for the Walrus model
    * NitrousOxide wanted me to give credit to the h2ce team, so here it is.
    * Mac Gaming Mods for the snow tutorial and Taxiservice for putting snow into Cryophobia for me.
    * Applied Language for providing flags I could skin the Cryophobia's multiplayer flags with.
    * ZMT L33T for the pistol animations
    * FlamingRain for the Assault Rifle animations.
    * The Assault Rifle model may be by phoenix, I adjusted the width a bit.
    * Not too sure about the AR display-- it may have been originally the one by Phoenix or Tazz. All I know is that I modified *t to make it more "Halo 3-ish".
    * Tazz's Assault Rifle multipurpose (modified by me)
    * Phoenix for the Assault Rifle skin
    * Many sounds were taken indirectly from Halo 3 (through recorded sounds from Halo 3 games).
    * NiTrOuSoXiDe for the Gauss hog sounds
    * Bungie for the Energy Sword sounds
    * OrionWarrior for the loading screen image 

    * Meta Injectors:
          * FuĀ£L
          * taxiservice
          * [WHMT] Macsforever
          * spida 

Please visit:
if you're interested in downloading the night version.

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