csv2.zip —


A large city scape with a central landing pad for the included Pelican transport

i have yet to try it out, but it looks awesome!




---cs-beta version 2---

finally the beta...
i've been kinda busy.. but i managed to get it ready for u...
it's the most fun i had in a while so i hope it brings u the same feeling..

best games where mainly team slayer... worx best... i added also king.. mb that will work good...

i decided to go with the wraith only in slayer... honestly i'm sick of the scorpion.. i want the wraith in this... it's lots of fun... try it.. it bounces!!

the mc is not finished but almost.. the next part requires that my mc b perfect... so this is the best test for it... ;)... it's dissembodied for maximum carnage... it was made with jahrain's tutorial.. can't thank him enough...

the weaps are knaves work... i love em... enough said!!

the amazing tent is brought to u with the help of _blaz0_
and lightning... and me!!



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