danger canyon base mod

Sniper shoots tank shells All vehicles are faster ...


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File Description
Sniper shoots tank shells All vehicles are faster Red flag is on the outer ring of the canyon-- New base with armory and shields More mod that I can’t remember

What do we have here today,

Its a mod for danger canyon base.

Basically it does all the features listed above and some other stuff the author can't remember doing... which is rather worrying.

Saying that most of the time I don't remember when I wrote a review or moderated a comment so I know just how you feel dude.

I did have a look through couldn't really see much else that was different so he pretty much hit the nail on the head with what he listed luckily.

Not to bad to install I had a few problem's however halo wouldn't start but I found that was something to do with my version of halo which is a jurrasically old version.

Not bad but next time try giving me a little more to play with, maybe completely change the skin of a warthog and attach weapons to it or something...

~ Morpheus

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Download 'dangercanyon.zip' (5.86MB)

File name:   danger canyon RED Base MOD .zip

--------------Sniper shoots tank shells-------------------
----------------All vehicles are faster--------------------
-------------Red flag is on the outer ring of the canyon--
-----------New base with armory and shields----------------
-------------More mod that I can’t remember-----------------

How 2 install

1. Make a backup of your map in a folder
2. Copy the .map into C:--Program Files--Microsoft Games--Halo--MAPS and replace the old map
3. Start Halo
4.open map in multiplayer

To uninstall this mod, take your backed up .map and paste it in your 
"C: Program Files Microsoft Games Halo MAPS" directory and overwrite                                                       the mod" danger canyon .map".
If you did not backup your original danger canyon .map, I am sorry. 
I cannot be held responsible for that.

I only take partial credit for all my mods and if use mod maps and mod 
Them further or fix the original map mods.

The programs I use to mod maps and weapons

--Spark edit v3.02--
--Hht--(halo hacker tool)


If you put this mod on your domain (website) or in your mod without my consent, then legal 
Action WILL be taken!

I am not responsible for any harm done to your computer after you have downloaded this file.

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