Danger Canyon Night Time Mod

This is Danger canyon: night time mod. What is this? Well its a canyon, it has danger and its nightime ;) Seriously though, this map is a pr...


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This is Danger canyon: night time mod. What is this? Well its a canyon, it has danger and its nightime ;) Seriously though, this map is a pretty interesting map.

The map, following its night theme is dark. Really dark. Its eerie and down right spooky. Due to the intentional lack of light the texture quality of the map is hard to discern but its not really that important as the combat in this low light is the most important factor of the map. The lack of bright lighting makes hitting targets tough, best armour to use for the chief in this map would be a purple or navy coloured armour (or just turn up the brightness/contrast of your screen :p). Try to stay away from the covenant shields lying around the place as they will get you killed if grenaded!

The contrast between the shielding/forcefields and the darkness looks good. Also this map makes it hard for people to snipe or camp as firing from a static position with the contrast between the covenant weapon flashes and the darkness will act like tracer rounds in the dark. Therefore you have less of a chance of giving away positions with the muzzle flashes of the UNSC. Melee attacks in this low light are ideal and immense fun.

Features of this version are: Auto Gun Night Sky New light maps Mega hog

Worth having a look at this.


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Download 'dangervanyon_night_time.zip' (6.55MB)

ile name:dangercanyon NIGHT TIME.zip

-auto gun 
-night sky
-new light maps
-mega hog 

How 2 install map

1. Make a backup of your map in a foulder
2. rename dangercanyon NIGHT TIME.map to dangercanyon.map
3. Copy the dangercanyon.map into C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesHaloMAPS and replace the old map
4. Start Halo

How 2 install skins
1. complete How 2 install map
2. open hmt 
3. open your map in C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesHaloMAPS
4. go down to bitmaps then levelstestdangercanyondangercanyon
5. inject all 24 textures 
6. close map
  your done!

To uninstall this mod, take your backed up dangercanyon.map and paste it into
"C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesHaloMAPS" directory and overwrite 
the modded "dangercanyon.map".
If you did not backup your original dangercanyon.map, I am sorry. 
I cannot be held responsible for that.

The programs i use

--spark edit v3.02--
--hht--(halo hacker tool)
--hmt--(halo maping tool)


If you put this mod on your domain (website) or in your mod without my consent, then legal 
action WILL be taken!

I am not responsible for any harm done to your computer after you have 
downloaded this file.

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