DarkFire Warthog

My first skin in a while. I made this a while back for a machinima, but it was cancelled. I figured I better just release it, so I fixed it...


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My first skin in a while. I made this a while back for a machinima, but it was cancelled. I figured I better just release it, so I fixed it up and here it is. I think I'll hop on the bandwagon of the new "theme-base" skins that Zoxin seems to be making every now and then. I myself think it looks pretty sweet, especially the shinyness at appropriate times. But that's just me.

Well, enjoy!

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Darkfire Warthog Skin
by doompig444


Yes, I'm back. Well, never was gone... I was kind of just being extremely lazy, doing a
thing or two for HFMT, adding some new trivial thing to the maps I'm working on, but not
really making skins for the general public, as I used to. But now, here I am. Ready again.
And I make my return to Halo PC skinning with... Something I made a long time ago, that
was supposed to be for a machinima, but I canceled the machinima so I just got stuck
with a half-finished skin. So I decided to finish it up and release it. With this sudden
burst of new "theme-based" skins Zoxin is releasing, I figure I might do a couple myself.
So here is the first(maybe last? Jk...) skin from me for a long time. It used to be just
a pimped out warthog, but I figured it went pretty well with the new "theme-based" fad
that's oh-so-cliche going around right now. So now it's a DarkFire hog. A black warthog
with flames and stuff on it. The interior is decked out a bit too; for example, I added
little red dots on the radar(z0mg enemies!!111one) and turned the little sweepy thingy
that moves around red, like FIREZ0MG. There's these neat little flames on the side, and
the rims have a little fire ball on them that become a orange blur when you drive the hog.
Oh, and my favorite part; the "dark" part. From some angles, the hog looks like a normal
hog. Yet from others, it becomes a bluish sort of hog, due to reflections and shadows.
In the shade, this thing is passable as a shadow hog, if it weren't for the bright orange
and red fire emblems on the side and the wheels. Darkfire much?



Quite simple. Open up HMT v3.0+ and find the bitmaps section. Now, scroll down to the 
vehicles. Inject the included textures into the corresponding ones with the "Inject" 
button. It's that simple. The textures are aptly named and fit right into the warthog
bitmaps, just like they should... 


Legal Shiz:

Feel free to use this skin in your own mods. Just don't forget to credit me for making
the skin. Feel free to modify it, but also credit me for the original.
Thanks to Bungie for making the game, and I guess Zoxin for this new "theme-based" 
vehicle craze. 
The fire emblems were made by an unknown author(found on google, and I forgot what site
it was...) and slightly edited by me. Like the little sparks you see trailing off them.


Contact Info:


xfire: doompig444


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