-db-styLe's Halo Weapons Map Pack



DO NOT replace your original maps. Just put these maps in your folder then on Fridays, rename your originals from e.g. beavercreek.map (battlecreek) & carousel.map (derelict) to beavercreek-BACKUP.map & carousel-BACKUP.map and just keep it in your halo folder (as it's quicker renaming than, drag and drop from say, another location)

Only throughout Fridays, will I have the modded versions active, so like me..I currently have the map directory listed as prisoner.map prisoner_mods.map etc. Then when I want to use the mods, I`ll rename prisoner.map to prisoner_backup.map or whatever and the prisoner_mods.map to prisoner.map. Just check the server list throughout the day to see if it's up.

REMEMBER to rename the non modded .map file first so that you don`t get the box asking you to replace the file, as you do not want to do that.

All those maps are different; depending on what Gametype I choose. Only Hang 'em High and Carousel (aka Derelict) have a crouch mod feature. Only my customised gametype's will give you the weapons specified so join my server:

! Styles Friday FUNHOUSE However, It's not dedicated which means, I need to be online and host it off my machine. I'm also based in UK England (5-8hours ahead of the States) Add me on xfire: xntkingmaster. I'll do some hosting on CE as well d: ] I look forward to seeing public, as well as, db' members for the laughs haha.


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