DeathManGulch Wars

Here is the next version of DeathManGulch. This has been upgraded with plenty of new content. All of the fun stuff from the original like wa...


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Here is the next version of DeathManGulch. This has been upgraded with plenty of new content. All of the fun stuff from the original like wall walking are there along with some visual upgrades such as fog and added trees. Some of the weapon models have been modified. This is a great mod for Halo, that takes the game in new directions (Literally), and I recommend you download it and try it out.

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Download 'deathman_gulch_hog_wars.rar' (8.18MB)

Map Name: DeathManGulch Wars

Map Size: Large

Map Authors: Jeff, Brando, and Tyler

Developers: Deathman Studios

Map Description: Yet another update to a great modded map named

Please Note: Do not Modify, Claim, or redistribute this mod on another 
 The Only site that we have gaven permission to is:
 The }HOG{ Clan. 

Teleporters, Some Telepoarters have been changed at the bases. The cliff 
Teleporters have stayed the same.

Cliffs, you can get on top of the cliffs two ways. One by going through 
the teleporters located inside the caves. The second way is to go to
Red Base and find the right teleporters inside their base.

Turrents, like last time. You can throw a grenade under the turrent and
when it blows up, your turrent will fly. ( If your in it at the time of
	You can also have someone hit you with a vehicle, and the
turrent will fly that way. ( Yet again be in the turrent at the time 
of the vehicle hitting you so that you can fly). I recommend that full
shields and 100% health are on when attempting to do this move.

Fog, Fog has been added to this level

Weapons, Weapons have mostly stayed the same. We have changed the model
look on some of the weapons tho, so enjoy.

Walk on Walls, You as last time can walk on walls. Heck even in the sky
you can walk on it.

Vehicles, there are only Warthogs in this map. So don't count on being a 
noob and useing the tank as a noob weapon. Oh and you can fly the hog
two ways. One by getting in the drivers seat ( duh ). Two by getting in
the gunner seat.

Scenery, You will probably definitely most likely notice that there are
a lot of trees and other neat things added to the map scence last time
for scenery.

Flags, Red Teams Flag remains in the same area. But Blue teams flag is
now located near the blue base cave. So that they may deffend easyer.

				Lag Issues

				Video Card Issues
	If you have a weak video card I would recommend that everything
on the graphics side be turened all the way down. So that it may be less
laggy when you play.

				Connection Issues
	I would Recommend that the map stay at a high of 8 players with 
good connections.

	We won't lie, this mod is going to be a great mod. But if you
don't have a good graphics card nor a good connection and your playing
with others. You will experience lag issues and connection issues. The
suggestions on top should help you try and avoid lag issues, have fun.


				More Notes

	If you find any bug please report them to one of us at our email
addresses at.

Name				Email 			Gammer Tag in Game

Jeff         Deathman

Brando 		}HOG{Brando

Tyler		 	TheJediSlayer 
			    (Use to be			( use to be	 (HRL) SG-1)



Brando:		To all the Former members of the }HOG{Clan

Jeff:		To Thomas My Son

Tyler:		To the U.S. Army thanks for protecting us, and to
		Carolanne for being a good friend.

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